SNL's Cold Open Takes a Jab at Trump's Cabinet Picks With a Familiar Face

Playing off of what seems to be a list of odd choices to fill his cabinet, Saturday Night Live focused this week’s cold open on Trump’s evolving administration, rather than on Trump, himself.

Sorry, Alec Baldwin.

The special guest this week was Bryan Cranston… aka… “Walter White,” from the hit series, “Breaking Bad.”

I have to admit, I liked him better as the dad in “Malcolm in the Middle.”

That being said, SNL nailed the absurdity in a skit that saw Cranston reprising his “Breaking Bad” alter ego. During the skit, White is announced as Trump’s nominee to lead the nation’s Drug Enforcement Administration.

Watch, and either laugh or cry. I suspect there will be a lot more fodder for comedy through the next four years.

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