Alec Baldwin to Trump: Release Your Tax Returns and I'll Stop Impersonating You (VIDEO)

An offer he can’t refuse?

So thin-skinned President-elect Trump took to Twitter to protest Alec Baldwin’s Saturday Night Live impressions of him.


In particular, this past Saturday’s show ran a skit featuring Baldwin-as-Trump sitting in on a security briefing, yet, too engrossed with retweeting to actually pay attention to the briefing.

Let’s just meditate on that a bit:

Our president-elect takes offense to a comedy bit that portrays him as a Twitter addict, so he rushes to Twitter to angrily tweet about it.

Yes. I’m sorry. This is real life.

Apparently, Baldwin caught wind of Trump’s mewling and made him an offer.

We won’t hold our breath, but as sour as it sits on my tongue, I have to say I like the way Baldwin is thinking, here.

Until Trump’s next spastic Twitter rant, see what set him off this week:


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