GOP Congressman Mocks College Students' Trump Tantrums, and I Agree With Him

It has been a strange season, indeed.

I have found myself relating to the thought process and language of Rep. Peter King, of New York.

“These college students, I find it incredible,” he told host Jay Oliver on LI News Radio’s “LI in the AM.” “I don’t know what would happen if a real war ever came.

“Are these the morons we’re counting on to be leaders in the future? Come on, have some guts. Have some nerve. Get out there. We’re supposed to be a great country.”


I wouldn’t say “counting on them,” but they’re definitely the future, just through the simple process of time and biology.

Woe to the republic.

“You think back to the greatest generation,” began King, who backed Trump over Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“And now you have these people, they’re having crying sessions, they’re giving them comfort dogs, they’re giving them group therapy, they’re giving them consolation, because they’re so upset that Hillary Clinton lost the election.”

His seeming disgust with these millennial crybabies is warranted.

I’m as upset with Trump as any of them.

In fact, if you combined all the mewling, screeching, stampy-footed temper tantrums being thrown in every major city in the nation, I doubt it would rise to the level of nuclear fallout going on in my brain pan, right now.

The difference – my hardcore parents insisted I start wiping my own crack a long time before they agreed to unleash me on the public.

As an adult who didn’t go straight from my parents’ home to the coddled womb of academia, but who had to work in the real world for years, I have been well-prepared to deal with my emotional upsets.

“I think it’s really unfortunate. We do have elections for a purpose and nobody’s contesting the fact Donald Trump won it honestly. In that case he should be supported. That’s part of the way the system works.”

I’ll go further and say if you want to protest, or you’re upset and just need to vent, that is absolutely your right.


I do my venting through my work here and social media.

What is not their right is destroying the property of others, interrupting the day-to-day lives of others, or hurting anyone else.

If they are so upset that they need “safe spaces” and comfort dogs, then their problem isn’t with Trump. Their problem is either emotional or something more organic, and they’d be better served to use this as a training experience for real life.

To Rep. King’s point: Yes. These are morons, and if a real war came to our shores now, and they were the only ones available to do battle, the republic wouldn’t fall.

It would be abandoned to ruin, as they retreated to their safe spaces.

Grow up and learn to deal with your disappointments, children. You only get one chance at this life, and as of now, you’re losing.





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