Megyn Kelly Discusses How Trump Tried to Influence Her Coverage Through Lavish Gifts


Not me.

And yes, I get that the alt-right, nutty Trump acolytes will use this as a fresh reason for going after Megyn Kelly.

They can stop. The war is over. He won. This is just remnants left on the battlefield.


In her book that is due out on Tuesday, Kelly speaks about how invested Trump was in getting favorable coverage, including from her, which included offering free stays in his hotels.

Kelly reveals in her book:

“This is actually one of the untold stories of the 2016 campaign: I was not the only journalist to whom Trump offered gifts clearly meant to shape coverage,” Kelly said.

Kelly also writes that Trump tried to gain favorable coverage by praising certain journalists and hosts.

“This is smart, because the media is full of people whose egos need stroking,” she added.

I have no doubt that every word she is saying is true.

Trump has often bragged about how he “greases the wheels” the get things done, whether it is with politicians or others.

We’ve also seen the borderline psychotic devotion to Trump from some media figures, such as Sean Hannity.

Kelly has been one from Fox News who has managed to stay above the nonsense of her employers, who have acted more as Trump’s public relations and campaign committee, than an actual, legitimate news organization.


The hotel room offers included a “girls weekend” at a downtown Manhattan Trump hotel, and one for her husband and her at Trump’s exclusive Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

Kelly didn’t bend.

For whatever her political leanings and for whatever she has done with her career – up to and including her own racy photo shoot or anything she said while appearing on the Howard Stern radio program – she can count her unwillingness to be swayed by Trump’s bribery as a good.


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