Donald Trump Never Expected to Make it Past the Primaries

If you’ve watched this waking nightmare of Trump’s candidacy, and eventual win of the presidency, stunned at how it all played out, know you are not alone.

We’ve been telling you for several months now that Donald Trump never actually wanted the presidency. This was all a massive work for him, meant to promote his brand and help establish a fan base for a new media venture, Trump TV.

A new CNN book is in the works titled, “Unprecedented: The Election that Changed Everything.” It’s release date is December 6, 2016, and it may be a nice little stocking stuffer for Christmas, if you can find anyone masochistic enough to want to relive it all.

The book contains some interesting reveals, and some things many of us already knew, or at least, instinctually suspected.

“Trump told Christie in 2015 that he didn’t expect to make it past October—at which point he would endorse Christie, according to a Christie adviser who asked not to be named in order to speak about behind-the-scenes maneuvers,” according to the book, written by CNN’s Thomas Lake with reporting from Jodi Enda, Susan Baer and CNN’s political team.

“I think they always had an understanding that the first one out would probably endorse the other,” the adviser said.

We know this much happened, as Christie, once out, stepped up almost immediately to endorse the orange baboon.

The book also points out the common enemy of Trump and Christie – Marco Rubio.

Many say Christie’s relentless attack on Rubio during the debate before the Republican primary in New Hampshire, where he harangued him for his dogged refusal to go off-message, in regards to a talking point about the Obama administration, went a long way towards sinking Rubio’s campaign.

Trump later praised Christie for that takedown.

During the Republican primary, Christie and Trump — who have known each other through New York-area politics — were not as harsh toward each other as were other pairs of rivals. Christie, though, did criticize Trump by calling on voters to get serious and not treat the election as a game, and Trump at one point alleged that Christie knew about his now-convicted aides’ plans to close down the George Washington Bridge.

Until several days ago, Christie had served to head up Trump’s transition team, but was replaced by VP Mike Pence, as Christie deals with his own troubles (See: Bridgegate).

You can expect to see Christie reemerge, as he is named as a potential for several slots within Trump’s still-evolving cabinet.

In the meantime, try to find some way to comfort yourselves, as you consider we’ve now got a president with even less motivation and potentially more self-absorbed than the previous president.

What could go wrong?


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