NYT Writer Frames Hillary Clinton as the Victim of Testosterone

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a campaign event, Saturday, April 2, 2016, in Eau Claire, Wis. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Frank Bruni, a writer for the liberal fish-wrapping known as the New York Times, has the entire history of Hillary Clinton’s corruption figured out.

It’s far more nuanced than mere commoners can grasp, apparently, but just to break down Bruni’s main gist: Men are pigs.


In an op-ed published Wednesday morning, Bruni said the damaging episodes Clinton has faced over the years, right up to the most recent revelation that the FBI obtained more emails related to her private server, are the fault of men close to her.

“She’s in the climactic week of a grotesque battle with another. If she prevails, [her husband’s] boasts of sexual aggression will partly be why,” Bruni wrote. “And if she fails? Again there’s a priapic protagonist. The FBI wouldn’t be examining Anthony Weiner’s laptop if he hadn’t invited so many strangers to examine his lap, and her fate is enmeshed once more with the wanton misdeeds of the weaker sex. Over so many of her travails hangs a cloud of testosterone.”

Okay. That bit about Weiner’s lap was funny.

Other than that, Bruni seems to be saying that her willful mishandling of classified emails was not the problem. It wasn’t the deed that has her in trouble. It’s the getting caught part.

There’s sort of a line of logic there; If you are completely devoid of ethics, that is.


Bruni is apparently one of those “enlightened” and “sensitive” men that actually thinks referring to himself as a “feminist” is a sign of his modern, progressive credentials.

He also seems to think that the cry of “Girl power!” is predicated on the condition that men allow it to be so.

“The humiliations that she suffered — and the public sympathy that she reaped — were inextricable from the dueling displays of male vanity around her,” he said. “Fast forward two decades [after her husband’s affair with Monica Lewinsky]. While there are still angry white men and they favor Trump, it appears that there aren’t enough to counter her advantage with women, who are poised to get the president of their wishes. Not everyone is taking this well.”

Show me a woman that “wishes” for a female president, over one that is ethical, competent, and qualified, and I’ll show you somebody that probably has no business in a voting booth.

Idiocy and identity politics will topple this nation, yet.

All that aside, however, we can peel through Mr. Bruni’s bleeding heart think piece and see his own lack of testosterone has carried him off into a realm of chauvinism that is even more insidious than that of those men he feels have “victimized” Hillary all these years.


In Bruni’s mind, Hillary Clinton is not just weak and a victim. She’s incapable of exerting any control over her situation. She cannot make rational calls or decisions.

To Bruni, Hillary is Blanche DuBois, from A Streetcar Named Desire.

She is emotionally fragile, needy, and a victim of her circumstances, and the testosterone that surrounds her.

It’s the same testosterone that helped her get as far as she has gotten, actually. The kindness of male strangers (or closer) is her saving grace.

This is the “empowered woman” that Bruni thinks America needs… if only the men will let her.




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