Breaking With National Group, Miami LGBT Group Endorses Trump

Well, I’ll give them credit for not letting their sexual appetites be the foremost factor in where they place their vote.

The Miami chapter of the LGBTQ group, Log Cabin Republicans, have broken rank from their main branch, and are endorsing Donald Trump.


“We, as Log Cabin Republicans of Miami, we’re Americans first, we’re Republicans second, and we happen to be gay or allies of the LGBT community. American national security is our government’s first and foremost responsibility, then the economy – those two issues really are paramount to any American,” Miami chapter president Vincent Foster told the Washington Examiner on Monday evening.

“Our membership has gotten behind the Republican national nominee and it’s unfortunate that other Republicans are unable to do so. Regardless of differences, we understand that a Hillary Clinton presidency is only going to be detrimental to the LGBT community and the general American population.”

WOW! How about that? Putting their country and their lives as citizens ahead of their gender, race, or sexual orientation! What a concept!

Too bad Donald Trump is the one they feel they have to support to show such selfless citizenship.

It was the national chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans that announced on October 22 that they would not endorse Donald Trump, not because of anything he’d said or done, but because of some of the people he had surrounded himself with, who they felt were in opposition of LGBTQ equality.


On October 26, after some consideration, the Miami chapter voted unanimously to support Trump.

The Miami chapter has had a long-standing relationship with Trump, Foster explained. The billionaire businessman’s campaign initially reached out to the group months ago to work together in the battleground state. Foster added the campaign attended the group’s Lincoln Day dinner and has been fully supportive of them.

“To have a Republican presidential nominee who cares so much, especially after Orlando – that resonated so much,” Foster said.

The national organization of Log Cabin Republicans doesn’t normally allow for individual chapters to go out on their own and make endorsements, but because of the nature of this election cycle, they’ve opted to be more flexible, and allow for the various chapters to do their own thing.

Cleveland, Los Angeles, Orange County, Texas, and Georgia also have chapters that have endorsed Trump.



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