LISTEN: Desperate Hannity Touts Liberal Michael Moore - Because, Trump

To further compound the desperation he feels to defend his dominant, Sean Hannity is now agreeing with the rotund filmmaker, Michael Moore – a man who has found no liberal policy he won’t champion and no burger he won’t snarf down.

“Michael More gets it in this sense — our country is screwing people,” Hannity said Wednesday on his eponymous radio show. “Our government has screwed you.”

“He realizes that there is a whole generation of people now, hard-working, tax-paying long-suffering Americans, who have been keeping the country going through the hardest times — the people that built this country that are screwed over,” Hannity said.

He continued, “And they are screwed over by both parties. They are screwed over by the elitists, by the globalists, by Republicans that want cheap labor — that won’t go fight for a wall, that didn’t have the courage to repeal and replace Obamacare by using their constitutional, enumerated power of the purse. That wouldn’t stop illegal unconstitutional executive amnesty because they want to be blamed for a government shutdown. Who put their own power ahead of people.”

He is referencing Moore’s latest efforts to not bore people to tears, and to not incite utter indifference at the box office, with his coming documentary, “Michael Moore in Trumpland.”

I’m sure it’ll inspire mass cries of, “Meh.”

Hannity is grasping at straws, now.

The biggest hypocrisy of all: Hannity will credit Michael Moore, a lifelong liberal and actual Hillary Clinton supporters with “getting it,” but is losing his mind over Never Trump people, who aren’t voting for Hillary, but simply aren’t voting for Trump, either.


Bad math.

Moore has said he’s placing an actual vote for Hillary – but he “gets it.”

I hope when all this is over, Hannity gets the help he needs.

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