(VIDEO) Was Marco Rubio Booed at a Hispanic Event in Florida?

Well, this was a special kind of rude.

NPR reports that at Calle Orange, a Puerto Rican-themed festival in Orlando, Florida on Sunday, Senator Marco Rubio was not received kindly by the crowd.


In fact, he was booed off the stage, if you can believe what NPR is reporting (often times, I don’t).

Senator Rubio’s spokeswoman, Olivia Perez-Cubas suggested in an email to The Hill that the reports were blown out of proportion.

“This is an annual event that draws thousands of people, including many Democrats. While there were some boos in the crowds, overall the reception Marco received at Calle Orange was very positive.”

“In fact, Rubio supporters standing near the stage did not hear any boos while he was speaking. Marco kept his remarks short at the request of the hosts since it was not intended to be a political gathering,” Perez-Cubas added.

The problem may lie with Rubio’s support of Donald Trump. Many of those in attendance feel that Trump’s condemnation of Mexicans is a condemnation of all Latinos.

“When we have someone like Trump, who hits our Mexican brothers, our Latino brothers, then you jump on that bandwagon after all that stuff he says not only about you personally … as a Latino, you’re a freaking sellout. I would not vote for him if they paid me,” Calle Orange attendant Angel Marin told NPR about Rubio.

It’s a shame that the Trump stain is having such a widespread effect. A lot of good names and solid conservatives are taking the hit, because of party loyalty.


The event was supposed to be non-political, and Rubio’s short remarks before the crowd did not warrant the ill treatment.

“Thank you for having me today,” Rubio said in Spanish. “I want you to enjoy this day. We’re not going to talk about politics today. Thank God for this beautiful day, and for our freedom, our democracy, our vote, and our country. God bless you all, thank you very much.”

Rubio is a gracious guy. In any other election season, he could have very likely been nominee, and Republicans would be looking at a landslide victory, rather than humiliating defeat, at the hands of the worst the Democrats could possibly scrape up.

You can listen to this short clip (provided by Rubio’s opponent, Patrick Murphy, no less) and determine for yourself if those are boos or cheers you hear.


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