An 11th Accuser is About to Come Forward Against Trump

Yes, sir, Donnie. That proof of your innocence against the charges of lewd and inappropriate contact with women would be good, right about now.

That is, if there is any proof (beyond some British lunatic, who admits to pimping young men for profit).


Another woman plans to accuse Donald Trump of inappropriate sexual conduct on Saturday, which would make her the eleventh allegation against the Republican nominee, according to a statement from her spokesperson late Friday.

Gloria Allred, who represents accusers, Summer Zervos and Karena Virginia, blasted out a media advisory that states the unnamed woman will speak about the incident to the media at 6300 Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles at 2 p.m. Saturday. Allred said it will be the first time she has shared her story with the public.

Trump said on Howard Stern, years ago, that he could never run for president because of all the women who would come out of the woodworks. He knew.

If he knew these women were out there, why did he run?

I’m not even going to suggest that all of the accusations are true. In a high stakes race like a run for public office, sometimes it’s not about proving culpability. It’s just about the suggestion of such.


There’s also the maddening question of where all these women were during the primary cycle, when it may have made a difference for the national good. Their timing is very suspicious.

That being said, by Trump’s own words, and a proven life of adultery and other unwholesome behaviors, it’s not a stretch to consider that at least one or two may have some veracity.

How depressing to see the GOP abandon any principles it may have once claimed to have, in favor of this profane, unworthy man.



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