(VIDEO) Weird Al Parodies the Final Presidential Debate in Song

AutoTune. Weird Al. The final presidential debate.

There had to be some way to make this catastrophe more bearable, right?

Musical satirist, and my hero, Weird Al Yankovic has added his talents to the race, by participating in a video parodying the debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and it is amazing!


The song, titled “Bad Hombres, Nasty Women,” has Weird Al grilling the candidates in the chorus: “Why should really run the show?/ Tell us cause we need to know/ Two more weeks until we vote/ Who should really run the show?” The Gregory Brothers of “Songify This” fame produced the song and accompany Weird Al in the background of the music video.

YouTube channel the Gregory Brothers created musical parodies of the previous two presidential debates, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the first debate and Blondie in the second.

Watch and enjoy. It may be one of very few light moments in this election season.



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