Gingrich: "Little Trump" is Uncontrollable, Overly-Sensitive

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich had better watch his step. He’s about to be excommunicated from the Church of Trump, due to his treasonous tongue.

Is he bitter about not getting pulled for the VP slot?


I don’t know, but this is still deliciously funny.

While speaking with David Drucker, of the Washington Examiner, Gingrich pretty much made the case for a thin-skinned, irrational “little Trump.”

Gingrich said there’s a side of Little Trump’s personality that’s “very sensitive, particularly to anything which attacks his own sense of integrity or his own sense of respectability, and he reacts very intensely, almost uncontrollably, to those kinds of situations.”

“I think that’s a weakness,” he said on the “Examining Politics” podcast. “I hope he grows out of it.”

He’s 70-years old. The chances are, he’s been that way his entire life. No one has tried to check him. He comes from a life of extreme privilege. He’s spoiled and absolutely out of touch with the real world, or the fact that there are times you have to work and earn those things you want.

Like the presidency. And he hasn’t put in good work.

Gingrich first broached the tale of two Trumps in an interview with Fox Business Network last week, when he called Little Trump “frankly pathetic” for being upset over not getting a congratulatory phone call from House Speaker Paul Ryan following the second presidential debate.

Again, it’s that sense of entitlement that the spoiled little rich kid has grown up expecting. He is looking for adoration and unbridled worship. Speaker Ryan has not kissed the ring, therefore, he is the enemy.

It’s counterproductive to everything Trump claims to be working for. He has spent more time targeting Republicans and the Republican party than his opponent.


Judging by Trump’s unhinged personality, if Hillary Clinton wants to sew this thing up, all she need do, at this point, is lob a few words of praise at the GOP nominee, and he would be on every network, praising her for her sound judgment and for being a class act.

Still, Gingrich went on to praise “big Trump” for his supposed “big ideas.”

“The big Trump is a historic figure talking about historic ideas. The little Trump gets involved at a personality level,” he said, pointing to the real estate mogul’s tweet in which he blasted “SNL” for its “hit job” and called for the “boring and unfunny show” to “retire.” Trump also attacked Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin, tweeting that his “portrayal stinks” and floating the unsubstantiated notion that the media are rigging the election.

“Well, if you’re gonna be president of the United States and a historic figure and not just change America but also change a lot about how we lead the world, you don’t descend to being the equivalent of Alec Baldwin,” Gingrich advised.

With less than a month to go to the election, and poll numbers flailing, I would say it may be too late for anyone to pull Trump back from the defeat in the making.

I would suggest to Mr. Gingrich that “little Trump” is the true Trump, and “big Trump” is just the persona created to dupe voters.


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