Utah Democrats Run a Can't-Win Candidate Against Mike Lee, to Force an Agenda

Utah Democrats Run a Can't-Win Candidate Against Mike Lee, to Force an Agenda
FILE - In this June 28, 2016, file photo, Democratic candidate for Sen. Misty Snow speaks with a reporter in Salt Lake City. Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee and his Democratic challenger Snow will square off in a debate at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, Wednesday, Oct. 12. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)

I’m going to put my foot through a sand castle of political correctness here.

Because I can. And somebody should.

Democrats in the very conservative state of Utah have apparently lost their minds. To challenge Senator Mike Lee, they have propped up a guy who calls himself “Misty Snow.”

Never heard of him?

Then you’re not shopping at the right grocery store.

That’s his background: He’s a 31-year old grocery store cashier.

He’s also a transgender, which means Democrats in Utah decided to run an inexperienced guy, who by 31 years old still hasn’t gotten his life together enough to move on to anything more, and is suffering from a mental illness that makes him think surgery can manipulate gender.

It can’t. Biology handles that for you when those DNA strands are combined at conception.

That being said, Utah Democrats are apparently using this poor, deluded guy to try and make a point. He’s the first transgender nominee to run for a seat in the U.S. Senate. The fact that he’s running in a conservative state against the very popular Mike Lee, consistently ranked as the most conservative member of the Senate spells certain doom, long before the campaign ever began. Snow isn’t lagging behind Lee in the polls. His presence is practically non-existent, since Senator Lee leads him by about 35 points.

Said Snow during the debate:

“I am a working class person who understands the needs of working class people and their families,” she said.

“I understand what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck. I understand what average people across the nation are going through on a day-to-day basis.”

No, dude. You don’t understand what average people across the nation are going through. Most average people just live their lives, work their jobs, try to do the best they can in whatever position they’re in, and are honest about who they are and what they’re working for.

You’re a guy who isn’t brave enough to seek competent mental and spiritual counseling, in order to get your life straight, and you’ve allowed yourself to be embarrassed by a corrupt set of political operatives with an agenda to push.

That’s not what average people do.

In one exchange, the whole point of Snow’s candidacy was laid out:

Lee at one point touted his First Amendment Defense Act bill, which would prevent the federal government from taking “discriminatory action,” such as revoking tax-exempt status, against people or nonprofit groups that don’t support in same-sex marriage.

“Regardless of what your beliefs about marriage are, or regardless of what your neighbor might believe about marriage, neither you nor your neighbor should ever be discriminated against,” Lee said.

Show shot back: “The problem with that is it pretty much legalizes discrimination in the name of religion.”

And therein lies the crux of Snow’s candidacy. Democrats needed a battering ram to help break down the conservative stronghold of Utah politics. To do that, they have to make faith and religion appear to be discriminatory. If they can break through that religious wall in Utah, the rest of the nation’s already-strained corner of religious foundation will quickly follow.

Once this race is done, he’ll be forgotten. The same ones who pushed him to run will move on to their next victim to exploit for political gain.

I wish Mr. Snow the best of luck in his grocery cashiering, or whatever it is he decides to do, next. We know it won’t be working with the Senate.


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