Trump Suggests His Election Win Could Spell the End of Paul Ryan as Speaker

Trump doesn’t want the support of top GOP officials, and when he’s president, they will pay.

That’s basically shorter for what Trump put forth in an interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, tonight.

When asked if he thinks establishment Republicans, including Ryan, will support him as president if he’s elected, Trump said yes while speculating about the speaker’s future.

“They’ll be there. I would think that Ryan maybe wouldn’t be there, maybe he’ll be in a different position.”

“The fact is, I think we should get support and we don’t get the support from guys like Paul Ryan,” the GOP presidential nominee said Tuesday night on Fox News.

“He had a conference call yesterday with congressmen with hundreds of them and they practically rioted against him on the phone. One person stuck up for him. So I’m just tired of nonsupport and I don’t really want his support.”

He’s referring to the call in which Speaker Ryan stated that he was done ruining his own reputation as a decent human being by defending Trump’s myriad gaffes and scandals.

The GOP have realized too late that Trump is a fatal flaw on the face of the party, and down ballot races are at risk.

Ryan encouraged them to each follow their conscience and take care of their own best interests, in regards to Trump.

Trump, of course, will never admit that he has ever done anything wrong, even in regards to the 2005 hot mic moment that sent the GOP into a tailspin.

“This happens all the time – if you sneeze [Ryan] calls up and announces, ‘Isn’t that a terrible thing.’ So look, I don’t want his support, I don’t care about his support,” Trump continued.

He then proceeded to criticize Ryan over immigration and balancing the budget.

“Paul Ryan opened borders and amnesty and bad budgets by the way, very, very bad budgets. Frankly the only one that Obama negotiates well with is Paul Ryan with the budgets because that’s the only negotiation he can win he certainly can’t beat Iran.”

The way Trump denies responsibility and attacks Republicans, you’d think he was a Democrat.

Oh, wait…

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