(VIDEO) "Saturday Night Live" Hits All the Right Notes in Lampooning the First Trump-Clinton Debate

If you are the masochistic sort, you watched the first presidential debate and know what a raging ball of fail it was.

You also had to know that it was such fertile comic fodder, that there would be skits, one-liners, and humorous musings on late night TV for weeks afterwards.

We really are at a point in our history where we have to laugh to keep from crying.

I presented you with the clip from last week’s episode of “South Park” yesterday.

Today, I have the opening of “Saturday Night Live,” a show I haven’t found entertaining in several decades, and rarely (see: never) watch it.

I knew they wouldn’t let a chance to go hard at Trump and the debate pass, and they didn’t.

Obnoxious, liberal troll, Alec Baldwin, played Trump, and I have to admit – he did an excellent job.

Probably because Trump is an obnoxious, liberal troll, but that’s another discussion.

Baldwin, as Trump, mugged, interrupted, and drifted off into territory that left everyone wondering if he was even part of the same debate.

Kate McKinnon, was appropriately fake and rehearsed, until “Trump” went off the rails. The funniest moment (for me) was at the point in the clip when “Lester Holt” (played by Michael Che), gave her two minutes to respond and she waved him off, saying Trump could have her two minutes. By that point, he was so unhinged that she didn’t want to interrupt his rush to the bottom.

If a Trump candidacy has done nothing else for America, it has at least managed to reawaken comedy in this country.

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