Trump Campaign Loses Another Top Aide, This Time in Florida

The ship. It’s sinking.

The rats. They’re fleeing.

Healy Baumgardner has served in four presidential campaigns and is a 20-year political operative, out of Florida.


“It is clear the campaign is now going in a direction that I am no longer comfortable with and I have decided to move on,” Bloomberg Politics quoted her as saying in a story published Friday.

By all accounts, Florida is in self-destruct mode, just like the GOP nominee. Baumgardner knows when it’s time to cut her losses, save what’s left of her 20-year reputation in politics, and to make the quick bail.

She has stated that she looks forward to casting her vote for Trump, but nobody would know if she secretly scribbled, “Sweet Meteor of Death” as a write-in.

Bloomberg Politics said Trump’s Florida team disagrees about spending $40,000 on campaign advertising that would be wrapped around an RV for a women’s bus tour there.

Trump’s Florida efforts also lack basic staples such as bumper stickers and yard signs, it continued, frustrating area supporters eager to tout their support, the report said.

The campaign’s Trump Talk phone banking system is additionally experiencing technical difficulties, according to Florida staffers who Bloomberg Politics said requested anonymity for fear of backlash over publicly commenting.


For someone who has spent the amount of time in the business of running political campaigns as Baumgardner, it’s only natural to consider that such a haphazard operation in what has been a traditionally important state for Republicans would cause a high level of anxiety.

Currently, Trump trails Clinton in the battleground state 46% to 42%, according to a Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Survey, as well as lagging behind by 3 points, nationwide, according to RealClearPolitics.


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