Egyptian President Feels Certain That a President Trump Won't Be Extreme Vetting Muslims

So Donald Trump met with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi Monday evening. This was part of Trump’s efforts to look presidential.

His first foray into actual foreign diplomacy came with his meeting with Mexican President Nieto, resulting in Nieto eating his lunch.

What impression did Trump leave with el-Sisi?

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi said he doesn’t anticipate that Donald Trump intends to follow through on his “extreme vetting” of Muslims, after meeting with the Republican presidential nominee earlier this week.

The United States in general already “conducts very strict security measures for everyone who wishes to visit it,” the Muslim president said during a CNN interview set to air Wednesday evening. “It’s also important for us to know that during election campaigns, many statements are made and many things are said. However, afterwards the actual governing of the country would be something different and it would be subject to many factors.”

To cut it down to the base, el-Sisi is saying that the impression Trump gave him during their meeting is that all of his campaign bluster about stricter vetting of Muslim immigrants is just that. He has no intention of making things tougher than they are at present for Muslim immigrants to gain entry to the nation.

One of the highlights about the meeting that was released from the Trump campaign was his expression of “his high regard for peace-loving Muslims.”

El-Sisi went on to say that he wasn’t insinuating that Trump was trying to hoodwink voters by claiming a tough stance on Muslim immigration now, but that once in office, politicians’ views tend to change.

Ok. I’ll say it.

Trump is claiming a tough stance for his duped followers now, but he has no intention of following through on any of it.

He is being twisted in the wind by every world leader he meets, because he is weak, has no clue what he’s doing or what he should do, and he’s the biggest fraud to ever be pulled on the American people.

Feel free to insert that interpretation over any comment you hear in the coming weeks from any world leaders, as they reference Trump. I promise you it will be accurate.


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