Newly Obtained Photos Show the Cozy Relationship Between the Trumps and the Clintons

Only Trump’s most loyal and deeply invested fanboys and girls believe that the contest between he and Hillary Clinton is a contentious battle for the highest office in the land, and not some massive, corrupt work against the American people.


When Trump casually mentioned during an interview that he entered the race after a conversation with Bill Clinton, in which the former Democrat president suggested that he become “more involved” with the election, it raised a few eyebrows.

Why would Clinton suggest this orange-hued fraud get involved with an election in a way that would put him in direct opposition to his wife (not to mention, obstruct his own ticket back into the White House)?


Donald Trump poses with Bill Clinton, Melania Trump and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kylie Bax in 2000. | William J. Clinton Presidential Library
(See the photos here..)

Conspiracy theories abound.

The Clinton Presidential Library has released nearly two dozen photos of Donald Trump socializing with President Bill Clinton — including one that shows the two men with their arms around Trump’s then-girlfriend, Melania, and an unidentified woman wearing a Playboy bunny T-shirt — images that underscore just how chummy Trump once was with the president and his wife Hillary.

The 22 images were taken by official White House photographers in June 2000 during a visit the president paid to Trump Tower in New York City for a political fundraiser, and in September 2000, during the U.S. Open tournament in Flushing Meadows, New York.

These were before the infamous photo of the Clintons chatting it up with Trump at his wedding to Melania.

Oddly enough, they didn’t look like simply political contacts. The fact that Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, and the Clintons’ daughter, Chelsea are best friends, under normal circumstances, would suggest that the relationship is more personal than mere chance.


“I didn’t know him that well,” Clinton said last year. “I mean, I knew him. I knew him and I happened to be planning to be in Florida, and I thought it’d be fun to go to his wedding because it’s always entertaining.”

Is that how it works with all billionaires? Anybody can just go to their weddings, or is that restricted for high ranking politicians that have received donations from the groom?

The National Archives, which operates the library and handles records requests, said it located but will not release 59 photos of Hillary Clinton at a fundraiser Donald Trump apparently attended in New York City in August 1994. It’s unclear how many of the images actually show the then-first lady and Trump.

Politico obtained the photos through a Freedom of Information Act request.

You can view the photos here, and decide for yourself if there’s only the vaguest connection between Trump and the Clinton cabal.



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