Media Giant Rupert Murdoch: Roger Ailes Made Trump

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Most of us have already put the puzzle pieces together on this one. It didn’t take much, actually. However, media titan, Rupert Murdoch, is substantiating everything those of us who have remained uninfected by the cancer of Trumpism have been saying.


Ailes and the Republican presidential nominee are longtime friends. The sources said Ailes, who founded Fox in 1996, gave Trump a weekly call-in segment on Fox & Friends to discuss political issues, including the widely debunked “birther” myth he helped perpetuate against Barack Obama—that the president was not born in the United States.

Sources close to Ailes and Trump told the magazine that the former media executive had lunch with the real estate mogul shortly before he announced his White House bid, and continued to give him political advice throughout the primary season.

The rumor coming out of this is that it was Murdoch who wanted the Fox News anchors to go hard at Trump during the first debate in August 2015. Of course, Trump went full diaper-baby at being treated like a candidate for the presidency, and so began the feud between Trump and Megyn Kelly.

The relationship between Murdoch and Ailes allegedly became “strained” because Murdoch didn’t approve of the perception that Ailes was allowing Fox News to back Trump, New York magazine reported. Then, in early June, former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson sued Ailes, claiming sexual harassment. Carlson, who had worked at Fox News for more than a decade, alleges that Ailes fired her in June because she had refused his sexual advances.

So it seems Murdoch actually wanted Fox News to be a news network, while Ailes wanted it to be Trump’s campaign headquarters and a swinger’s hangout.


Since Ailes’ ousting at the network, Murdoch took over the duties as CEO and chairman of Fox News, while Ailes slithered over to Trump’s camp as an adviser.

One more disreputable cad in a stable of scummy guys.

Can Fox News ever regain the legitimacy it has lost in the eyes of so many, who were once loyal viewers (like myself)? I’m sure it can, but it’s going to require a thorough house cleaning, which means dumping some of the current members of the Reich Ministry that have been passed off as serious commentators and newsmen.

The feckless acquiescence of men like Sean Hannity and Eric Bolling will leave a stench on the name of Fox for years to come. Ideally, they should have been swept out with Ailes, sent to be coffee fetchers and house entertainment for the Trump campaign.

Until that happens, however, Fox will have to ride out this campaign season with hopes of hitting the reset button afterwards.


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