SHOTS FIRED! New Research Challenges Sacred Cow of the Liberal Left

Well, this will cause a few liberal heads to explode, especially in light of the fact that liberals take great pride in their adherence to science as the be all and end all of every discussion.

Now science is meddling with one of their pet causes: sexual orientation.

The cultural Marxists would have us believe that gender is fluid and sexual orientation is something people have no control over.

Yeah. About that.

A report by two renowned researchers on Monday has concluded that there is no scientific basis to believe that gay or transgendered people are “born that way.”

The 144-page report, published in the quarterly journal the New Atlantis, seeks to overturn prevailing notions that sexual orientation is innate and that a person’s gender identity can be different than a person’s biological sex.

After reviewing dozens of studies, Johns Hopkins psychiatry professor Paul McHugh and Arizona State University statistics professor Lawrence Mayer concluded there are no compelling biological explanations for why someone might identify as gay or transgender.

This isn’t really a new finding. It has been argued in different circles, ranging from medical to psychological to religious, for decades. Psychologists lean to emotional or mental disorders as the cause. Religious leaders tend to see it as a spiritual matter, of course, and those in the medical field that aren’t making huge amounts of money off of sex reassignment surgeries tend to lean on the lack of physical or biological causes, as McHugh and Mayer have done.

McHugh and Mayer also looked at studies on mental health among LGBT populations, concluding that gay and transgender people experience higher rates of mental health problems, some of which, but not all, stem from discrimination and stigma. Sex-reassigned individuals particularly have higher risk for mental health problems, with a suicide rate 19 times greater than the general population, the researchers wrote.

The findings should cause health providers to re-evaluate how they treat children who do not identify as their biological sex, the researchers wrote.

Logically, it would appear that McHugh and Mayer are suggesting that if your 6-year old girl likes climbing trees and playing baseball more than she likes Barbie Dolls and princess dresses, that’s not your signal to start hormone therapy treatments to prevent her from developing as a normal female.

Likewise, if your 8-year old son likes to help Mom in the kitchen, you don’t take out a second mortgage on your home to pay for his reassignment surgery and introduce him to all your friends as “Monica.”

Kids go through phases. Given time and appropriate love and care, they grow out of them. The parent who rushes to use their children to make a statement for social justice probably have no business with kids and are likely the reason those kids are messed up.

“Thoughtful scientific research and careful, circumspect interpretation of its results can advance our understanding of sexual orientation and gender identity,” McHugh and Mayer wrote.

The report was published by the New Atlantis, a journal published quarterly by the Center for the Study of Technology and Society and the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

The takeaway from this should be that there are those with vested interests in not having honest conversations. The fact that the social justice warriors of the liberal left automatically circle the wagons and go on the defensive when another of these reports emerges is proof of that.

Only those with suspect motivations reject open discussions, and McHugh and Mayer can count on being demonized, if not outright destroyed over the next few weeks.



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