Hillary Clinton Employs the "He Made Me Do It!" Defense in Regards to Email Scandal

Passing the buck should have been an Olympic event. The Clintons could have brought home the gold.

Hillary Clinton told FBI investigators last month that Colin Powell, another former secretary of state, advised her to rely on a private email address for all her non-classified communications.

The claim was revealed in notes provided to Congress by the FBI this week, according to a report by the New York Times.


Clinton further covers her tracks by making the claim to the author of a book soon to be released about her husband that Powell apparently held court at a dinner party at the home of Madeline Albright in 2009, where he raved about the benefits of using private email.

For his part, Powell denies any knowledge of any sort of conversation.

The mainly classified and redacted emails that the FBI have in their possession reveal a chain of communication between Clinton and Powell early on in her stint as Secretary of State, where she questioned him about his email practices.

Now that Congress is about to open another investigation into perjury charges, Republicans are requesting those emails from the FBI.

Clinton has frequently pointed to the private email use of her Republican predecessor to justify her own communications practices.

However, Powell only sent two private emails that were retroactively classified at the lowest levels, while Clinton sent more than 1,000 emails that were either retroactively classified or that should have been marked classified at the time they were written.

What’s more, Powell used a commercial account, while Clinton set up an elaborate private network and operated it out of the basement of her home.


So, yeah. Not quite the same thing.

I’ve given up hope of seeing Clinton have to answer for a single misdeed or act of corruption. I fully expect the scandals that rock this nation after she’s installed as our new leader will be enough to dwarf any combination of scandals the White House has previously known.

The dancing she does to get out of them, however, should be epic.



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