Clinton VP Tim Kaine Shocks World By Not Focusing Attacks on Other Democrats

You’ve gotta hand it to the Clinton machine. They know how to keep the main thing the main thing.

Even if that “main thing” is distracting from scandals about deleted emails and private servers – but I digress.

It appears that the newly declared Democrat veep, Tim Kaine, has received his first marching orders, and those are to go hard at their opponent, GOP nominee Donald Trump.

At his first speaking engagement as VP, Kaine zeroed in on Trump:

“Trump is saying he’d leave our allies at the mercy of an increasingly aggressive Russia, and folks, that’s an open invitation to Putin to just roll on in,” Kaine said. “Even a lot of Republicans say that’s terribly dangerous.”

“Do you want a trash-talking president or a bridge-building president? Donald Trump trash talks folks with disabilities, trash talks Mexican-Americans and Latinos whether they’re new immigrants or governors or federal judges, trash talks women, trash talks our allies, calls the military a disaster. Oh you’re right, he doesn’t trash talk everybody, he likes Vladimir Putin.”

He’s not wrong. Trump has repeatedly voiced that he would embrace Obama’s “lead from behind” strategy and allow Vladmir Putin and Russia to have more of a leading role in world affairs.

It’s a decidedly dangerous and fool-hardy decision. Trump has basically decided to take the gains of Reagan and flip everything on its head.

We won the Cold War. Trump wants to reverse that.

“When Donald Trump says he has your back, you’d better watch out,” Kaine added. “He leaves a trail of broken promises and wrecked lives wherever he goes.”

Maybe fact check that with some of Trump’s creditors and contractors.

You’ll see Kaine isn’t lying.

Kaine went on to make some ludicrous claims about Hillary Clinton being trustworthy and effective.

Anybody who has even the most elementary knowledge of Clinton’s past (and present, for that matter) knows she’s as corrupt and incompetent as Trump. The problem here is that the GOP has put forth a candidate that makes Clinton seem reasonable, in comparison.

Expect to see more laser-focused attacks on Trump’s dangerous foreign policy, economy-busting plans, and every misogynistic, racially offensive, or otherwise destructive comment played on a continuous loop for the next three months from the Democrats.

Also expect to see more attacks on other Republicans by the Trump team.


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