Watch Donald Trump Insist Pence's Primary Endorsement of Cruz Was an Endorsement For Him (Video)

The reality-impaired existence that is Trump continues.

While introducing his VP pick, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Trump engaged in more word salad, inane ramblings, and just the outright idiocy that he has come to be known for.

Perhaps his most disconnected moment came when he explained how Pence’s endorsement of Senator Ted Cruz during the Indiana primary was actually an endorsement of him.

To be fair, Pence gave the most shallow, room temperature endorsement that any presidential contender has ever likely received, but for Trump to say this was an endorsement of him is an absolute distortion of the facts.

Then again, this is par for the course for Trump. Even as he’s supposed to be making the case for his VP nominee, he can’t resist the draw of his own ego.

We have 4 months for Pence to begin to feel the soul-deadening regret for his decision. It’ll be 4 months of attempting to clean up a constant stream of media gaffes, and if the ticket fails (as is likely to be the outcome), it won’t be that Trump was a horrible candidate from day one. It will be that Pence drug his campaign down.

You lay down with dogs…