Social Media Ridicule Forces Change to Trump-Pence Campaign Logo

This is hilarious!

Only a day out from formally announcing his running mate, Mike Pence, and putting out what has to be the most poorly designed logo in election history, somebody apparently got in Trump’s ear and said, “Yeah… about that logo…”

Quietly under the radar, a design change came.

The original:

And the reboot:

That’s not just a clipping. That’s the new logo. Someone made a handy guide with red arrows so you know what’s missing:


I actually kind of liked the old logo. I mean, I’m a “Beavis and Butthead” fan.

I’m a fan of TP. I use it a lot.

I think it’s an undervalued commodity.

But, in politics, optics matter, and TP had to go.

Then there was that only-slightly veiled reference to homo-erotica…