Bipartisan Fix to North Carolina's Controversial "Bathroom Bill" Sabotaged by Democrat Challenger for Governor

Democrats gonna Democrat.

And the basic concept behind that is: They ruin everything that is good and right in this country, and any attempts to meet them halfway, in order to try and find middle ground will be met with absolute resistance, as their desire to wreak destruction knows no limits.

A case in point would be North Carolina’s HB2, or the “bathroom bill.” Because social justice warriors with Charlotte, NC’s city council felt that in the interest of “tolerance,” they would force all area businesses and schools to enforce gender neutral bathrooms and locker rooms, North Carolina’s general assembly called a special session and had to pass the bill to maintain what should be considered commonsense. The goal being, protect the other 99.07% of society from the reality-impaired idiocy of the left.

The original ordinance from the Charlotte city council was so broadly worded, it would have allowed any man to claim “transgender feelings” and to walk into any women’s bathroom or locker room.

Of course Democrats went apoplectic. The Charlotte Observer, a contemptible rag of leftist propaganda, suggested that little girls would have to get used to being exposed to male genitalia, “in the interest of tolerance.”

The take away there is, if your 11-year old girl doesn’t want to shower beside a 19-year old and his exposed penis, then she’s a bigoted little beast and needs to be trained.

Now enter North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper. He is the Democrat challenger in the gubernatorial race. He has generally been a do-nothing AG, with very little presence of substance for several years.

OH, but how he perked up when this golden calf of transgenderism was laid in his lap!

By “perked up,” I mean he took out-of-state money from liberal special interest groups to stand against HB2, and he flatly refused to do his job as the state’s top lawyer, to offer a defense for the state against President Obama’s Department of (social) Justice and their overreach into North Carolina’s affairs.

He’s also apparently awakened from his lethargic existence (punctuated by brief bouts of leftwing, pearl-clutching outrage) to pressure North Carolina House Democrats to refuse to work with House Republicans in a bipartisan effort to find middle ground on HB2.

In a report released today from

A bipartisan coalition formed to pass a bill that would alter portions of the controversial HB2 legislation, passed during a one-day special session earlier this year, fell apart Thursday afternoon amid pressure from Attorney General Roy Cooper.

The legislation would have been presented late Thursday for a House vote, that may have stemmed any existing arguments against the bill, while maintaining a middle ground that state lawmakers from both sides of the aisle could agree with.

On Your Side Investigates has confirmed a group of up to ten House Democrats had originally signed on to support the bill. A number of people in that group changed their mind, though, after receiving calls from Cooper.

“We started losing Democrats,” the person involved in the negotiations said. “We were told Cooper was making personal phone calls to the ten Democratic members saying if they wanted to be on the team in November they needed to vote against the bill.”

In other words, Cooper can’t legitimately argue against Governor Pat McCrory’s strong record of cutting taxes, settling the state debt, and bringing jobs back to the state, so the HB2 kerfuffle was the only arrow he had in his quiver. Were that settled in a bipartisan effort, instigated by House Republicans, he’d have nothing to attack with.

That may be the reason he is resisting having any more debates. The last debate between he and the incumbent saw Governor McCrory eat his lunch.

On Your Side Investigates has learned of at least four members who received calls from Cooper Thursday, including Representatives Garland Pierce (D-Scotland), Michael Wray (D-Halifax), Ken Goodman (D-Richmond) and Howard Hunter (D-Hertford).

Of the four members who received a call from Cooper, two did not return a phone call or email from On Your Side Investigates seeking comment. One member acknowledged he had a conversation with Cooper Thursday that included discussion of HB2, but would not provide specifics.

So we know the calls were made. We know the pressure has been put on representatives, and Cooper is benefiting from outside sources, as long as he maintains this image of the loyal social justice warrior, ahead of being a representative of the people of North Carolina.

That would be all people of North Carolina. One of those things he is sorely lacking.

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