Teleprompter 101: FAIL

Is this real life?

On the one hand, we’ve got a loudmouthed, know-nothing, snake oil salesman. Just the fact that he has been allowed to rise in the ranks of the Republican party spells certain doom, not just for the party, but the nation.


On the other hand, we’ve got a cold-blooded, criminal trickster, with a string of bodies left in her wake and a federal indictment hanging over her head.

How did we get this far into certain ruin?

I don’t know, but while we ponder what could have been and what’s likely to come, we can all enjoy this Vine of Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton, showing off her crack teleprompter skills, while speaking at a rally in North Carolina today.

We’re going to have at least four years of this or worse, folks.

Stop the planet. I want to get off.


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