Senator Ted Cruz Welcomes Senator Marco Rubio Back Into the Senate Race

It’s good to see that the rancor of the primary season has been put aside and those who we could count on before to be reliable comrades-in-arms are once again on the clock.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has stepped forward to lend his approval to the reelection bid of former rival for the GOP presidential nomination, Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

“Marco Rubio [is] a friend and has been an ally in many battles we have fought together in the Senate. I’m glad to support him in his bid for re-election,” Cruz said in a Facebook post. “Marco is a tremendous communicator and a powerful voice for the American Dream. At this time of great challenges, we very much need strong leaders in the Senate who will fight to restore economic growth, to defend our constitutional liberties, and to ensure a strong national security for our nation.”

Both Cruz and Rubio have been consistent with their conservatism and although the exchanges between them during the primary season were often contentious, it’s to be expected, as they were both vying to win the top spot. It’s just how the game is played.

Sadly, while Cruz and Rubio were playing a spirited game of chess, Trump was playing roshambo and now the whole nation is collectively gripping its crotch in agony.

Senator Rubio had insisted for months that he had no desire to seek reelection, but with the top of the ticket effectively trashed, the need to protect the House and Senate becomes even more crucial, so he stepped up.

The latest Quinnipiac poll has Rubio with a 7 to 8 point lead over his Democrat opponents.