Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System to Force LGBT Agenda Over State Law

Today, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system announced that it will stand in defiance of North Carolina’s recently passed law, in regards to keeping bathrooms and shower rooms gender segregated, and with the new school year, all schools in the system will be required to allow males to shower and use the bathroom with girls.


What could go wrong?

From the Charlotte Observer (the same newspaper that printed an editorial, saying little girls should “get used to” being exposed to male genitalia, in the interest of tolerance):

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools sent a message to all principals Monday: When school opens in August, transgender students will be called by the name and pronoun they choose. That chosen gender identity will be honored in restrooms, locker rooms, yearbooks and graduation ceremonies, according to a new regulation released Monday.

Superintendent Ann Clark suggests that the regulation had been in the works for a year, but with the maelstrom surrounding the HB2 “bathroom bill,” school administrators were left in a state of flux.

Clark said the goal of the CMS regulation is to allow all students to be safe and comfortable as they pursue an education. Although official transcripts must carry the name and gender on the student’s birth certificate, schools will be expected to create class rosters that use the student’s preferred identity. All students will have access to increased privacy, such as a screened area in the locker room or a single-stall restroom, on request.

The above emphasis is mine.

How can they say they want “all” students to be safe and comfortable, yet, the regulation they are passing risks the safety and comfort of more than 99% of the population?


Clark and CMS attorney George Battle III said the regulation follows the guidance of a federal appeals court ruling and was not designed as an act of defiance against HB2, which, among other things, requires students to use public school restrooms and locker rooms based on the gender on their birth certificates.

In April, a ruling from the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Va., stated that transgender students must be allowed to use restrooms based on the gender they identify with, not the one on their birth certificate.

“That’s the law of the land for five states that are in the 4th Circuit, North Carolina being one of those states,” Battle said.

So, to nutshell the issue, a liberal school board, with their pensions far more present in their minds than the well-being of the children and families they serve, chooses to listen to an out-of-state, liberal activist court, rather than the laws of their state, Tenth Amendment be damned.

This is another case of judges that are making law, rather than doing their jobs, which is interpreting law.

For the school board, you would think they would err on the side of commonsense, but that may be a ship long sailed, when dealing with Charlotte-Mecklenburg. They are, after all, the community that lit the match on this firestorm from the beginning.


To further compound the stupidity:

Clark said a student’s transgender status is confidential and the district has no way of tallying how many students fit that description. Experts estimate that only 0.3 percent of the population is transgender, but in a district with about 146,000 students that would come to more than 400 children and teens.

CMS has been dealing with transgender students on a case-by-case basis, starting in elementary schools and running through high school graduations, where there have been cases of the graduate wanting one name and gender used on the diploma and the parents wanting another. If students are 18, as most graduates are, the student’s choice will be honored next year, Clark said.

“This is about listening to our students, first and foremost,” she said.

Grasp that.

For starters, the superintendent of a major school system is taking an estimate that applies to the entire nation, and counting it for the school system she oversees, because, after all, her faulty math will further an anti-family agenda.

Next, they are implementing this policy from elementary school upwards, and say they’re listening to the students, first. Clark and her liberal cabal are now openly defying a parent’s right to parent their children.

There has been no word from the Governor’s office, at this time, but this is one to watch, as it will have an effect on not just state law, but reaches into our homes, as well.



NC Governor Pat McCrory has released this statement:

“Instead of providing reasonable accommodations for some students facing unique circumstances, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System made a radical change to their shower, locker room and restroom policy for all students,” said Graham Wilson, Press Secretary for Governor Pat McCrory. “This curiously-timed announcement that changes the basic expectations of privacy for students comes just after school let out and defies transparency, especially for parents. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System should have waited for the courts to make a decision instead of purposely breaking state law.”


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