Clinton Super PAC Takes Measured Aim at Trump in New Attack Ad

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reacts after giving an address on national security, Thursday, June 2, 2016, in San Diego, Calif. (AP Photo/John Locher)

Remember the good ‘ol days, when Democrats trotted out their ridiculous attack ads against Mitt Romney and his veep choice, Paul Ryan? The best they could muster were melodramatic comparisons of Ryan’s budget plans and the Medicare overhaul to pushing Granny over a cliff.


Of course, that ad and others were oversimplifications of the facts, but they were effective, nonetheless.

Now think of the present election season and the utter embarrassment of having a reality TV star, with a massive fraud case looming and absolutely no couth, no moral compass, and no filter on his mouth.

That sour feeling in your stomach that’s rising to the back of your throat is a natural reaction.

Priorities USA Action is a super PAC backing Hillary Clinton, and they have fired the first shot across the bow of Trump with their new ad, giving us an idea of how the Democrats intend to pile on.

The ad features an American family, whose young daughter, Grace, was born with spina bifida, a crippling disease of the spinal column.

Rife with touching stories of Grace’s loving spirit and pictures that tug at the heartstrings, the ad is an appeal to the better emotions our citizens harbor.

Then the parents speak of Trump.

Specifically, they mention his attack on a handicapped journalist, Serge Kovaleski.


Grace’s father says at the end of the ad, “When I saw Donald Trump mock someone with a disability, it showed me his soul. It showed me his heart. And I didn’t like what I saw.”


The brutal, minute-long spot is available online here. It’s worth noting for context that the journalist with a disability whom Trump mocked, Serge Kovaleski, was targeted because he had the audacity to point out, accurately, that Trump was lying about Muslim Americans in New Jersey celebrating on 9/11.


This is the strategy that the left has decided to go with, and Trump has written the ads for them.


If Trump has done anything to slow up their strategy, sadly, it’s that he’s given them so much solid material that it will be hard to focus on any one line of attack.

We’ll table, for now, the discussion about the left’s love of abortion and how, under normal circumstances, they would have championed for Grace’s mom to abort her, once the ultrasound showed she’d be born with a handicap.

For her own good, of course.

No, we’ll save that, knowing hypocrisy to be a liberal virtue. You’re not going to make them feel bad or give them any bout of conscience over it.

Our concern now should be over just how much help Trump has given them and what the fall out will be, down ballot. Hillary Clinton, of all people, and liberals will be made to seem compassionate figures.

I really, really hate this election season.


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