Trump Name Game: Add Your Own

It will soon be a year since the worst thing ever to befall the Republican party was forced on us.

From the moment Donald Trump recreated a scene from a 15-year old episode of “The Simpsons,” nothing about him should have suggested he was offering an adult, reality-based solution to the nation’s myriad problems.

Possibly the most disgusting display of his illegitimacy as a candidate (maybe even more so than his vague-to-nonexistent policy stances) was his constant and unending insults of his opponents.

His loyal, unthinking Branch Trumpidian cultists loved it and deemed it sound policy (further proving our nation is barreling towards an “Idiocracy” for certain). Meanwhile, good men, sound conservatives, and true servants of the people were smeared, attacked, and marginalized by he and a complicit media, which felt the ends (ratings) justified the means (turning something as important as choosing who would lead our nation into a reality TV show).

There have been some who have pointed out my own name calling of Trump and his base.

“The gilded toad” is my favored moniker, with “Branch Trumpidians” being one that evolved to describe the cult vibe around his followers (and now seems to be everywhere).

I don’t feel the need to take the high road. Time and again, there have been those who have extended an olive branch to the Manhattan bully, only to find themselves being whipped with it.

With that in mind, and because it’s a slow Saturday night, I want to start a running list of names for Trump, beginning with those I use most often. I invite folks to chime in with their own.

After all, if we’re barreling towards the end of the world, anyway, we may as well have a little fun with it.

  • The gilded toad
  • Hay haired mountebank
  • Don the Con
  • Herr Drumpf
  • The Manhattan bully

I know there are others, and the ridiculousness of his candidacy deserves no less than our most ardent efforts at mockery.

Fire away.

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