Donald Trump Disparages Judge in Trump University Fraud Case

At what point do we start likening Donald Trump to a feral cat?

You can’t reason with him. He’ll tear through your garbage and make a nuisance of himself, and even if you can get close enough to try and pet him, good money says he’s just going to turn around and claw your hand.

Nobody should be surprised, at this point, with the latest dumb thing to be uttered on the campaign trail by the best friend a Democrat ever had.

On Friday, in San Diego, California, Trump made several questionable (if not outright rude) comments about the magistrate presiding over the class action fraud lawsuit against Trump University, U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel.

From the Washington Examiner today:

“Trump has referred previously to the ethnicity of the the judge, who was reportedly born in Indiana. But the renewed attack on Curiel is particularly striking, given that the judge recently accepted the real estate mogul’s request to delay the trial until Nov. 28, a few weeks after the election; the plaintiffs wanted to the case to play out in June.

‘The judge, who happens to be, we believe, Mexican, which is great, I think that’s fine,’ he said during the rally. ‘You know what? I think the Mexicans are going to end up loving Donald Trump when I give all these jobs, OK?’ Trump blamed the existence of the case on political bias and accused Curiel of being ‘very hostile’ towards him.”

Yes, because “very hostile” judges routinely make it a habit to accommodate the schedules and wishes of those they bear hostility for, as Curiel did for Trump.

“Trump noted he might have to testify in the case after being elected president. ‘Wouldn’t that be wild if I’m president and I come back and do a civil case?’ he told followers.”

No. It would be disgraceful.

It would actually not only be disgraceful, but be in line with what has served as a mainstay for the entirety of both Trump’s business life and his campaign.

The case against Trump University posits that for the very expensive tuition fee, students would receive training from hand-picked instructors, as well as special perks. Instead, they maintain that they received very little training and a cardboard cutout of a gilded toad.


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