Oklahoma Lawmakers Seek Obama's Impeachment for Bathroom Directive

In the midst of mounting tensions, regarding the question of whether allowing men easier access to the women’s bathroom was an “equal rights” issue or not, Republican state lawmakers in Oklahoma have stepped forward to call for the impeachment of President Obama.


There is no question that the president overstepped his authority (as tends to be his way), when he issued a directive to all schools in the nation to allow for gender fluid bathrooms and locker rooms.

A statement from Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine reads:

“We must stand against President Obama’s aggressive attempts to fundamentally transform America. Congress must use the “power of the purse” to combat this executive overreach. Parents and schools should assert their rights to govern themselves and not submit to Obama’s lawless federal bullying.”

Federal bullying, indeed.

Without consulting Congress, Obama’s directive suggested that any schools not in compliance with his vision for a genderless utopia would lose their federal funding.

This is the equivalent of the president holding a gun to your child’s head and saying, “Comply!” Not uncommon behavior for dictators.

For any that thinks that’s a bit dramatic, perhaps it is, but the reality is no less concerning, in that the choices given are have your children’s schools destroyed, or have their souls destroyed, by exposing them to potential exploitation by those with ill intent.

From Reuters:

The Oklahoma resolution, introduced on Thursday night, calls on the state’s members of the U.S. House of Representatives to file articles of impeachment against Obama, the U.S. attorney general, the U.S. secretary of education and others over the policy. A vote has not yet been scheduled on the resolution.

Legal experts told local media the impeachment call is on shaky ground since the recommendation offered non-binding guidance and did not have the force of law.


It may be on shaky ground, but that word is, at least, being floated in the upper levels of government:


Of course, the LGBT community has chimed in, since, it has to be all about them:

“Troy Stevenson, executive director of Freedom Oklahoma, an LGBT advocacy group said the measure promoted fear-mongering and was out of place

‘In a time when our state is facing an unprecedented economic crisis, our lawmakers should be focused on righting the ship rather than stigmatizing transgender youth,’ he said in a statement.”

The measure will likely not gain any traction, with only one state (so far) pushing it, but should Emperor Obama continue to trample on the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of the state to govern itself in matters like this, it would be a pleasant surprise to have other states step up, as well.


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