Senator Marco Rubio Begrudgingly Supports Trump

Add Senator Marco Rubio to the list of prominent Republicans taking out stock in antacid producers and filling out prescriptions for Xanax.

Wednesday morning, the Florida senator, who ended his bid for the presidency after a contentious run against the gilded toad, begrudgingly admitted that he would support Trump as nominee.


“’I’m even more scared about [Clinton] being in control of the U.S. government,’ Rubio said during an interview with the “Today” show on Wednesday morning. ‘I think it’s pretty clear that this is the position obviously I didn’t want us to be in. Donald Trump obviously wasn’t my first choice.’”

Rubio’s remarks were similar to those of former Texas Governor Rick Perry, who offered to help the presumptive nominee in any way he could, even while saying, “He’s not my first choice. He wasn’t my second choice…”

For high profile Republicans, such as Rubio, Perry, and several others, the choice, while difficult, seems to come down to taking a chance with Trump or continuing on with the leftist policies of Obama, by allowing Hillary Clinton to take the White House.

It’s a gamble, at best. We know what Hillary will be. Trump has said very little that he hasn’t been willing to backtrack on within hours, in some instances. All anyone can say for sure is that without a strong cabinet (one that we can’t even be assured he’s capable of putting together), a Trump presidency would be disastrous.


“’You don’t have a choice here anymore,’ Rubio continued. ‘The choice in Florida is going to be, if you want a legitimate vote, the choice is going to be between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump or abstaining. And if I as a Republican abstain, that is support for her. And I am not going to support Hillary Clinton.’”

So, death by firing squad or by hanging?

Tough call.


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