Donald Trump's Troubling Appeal to Skinheads

For years, the left has accused Republicans of being racist, hateful to the poor and minorities, and a host of other invectives that, if you take historical facts into account, are more correctly identifiable with the Democrat party.


Now, because of a liberal Democrat from Manhattan who decided to run as a Republican, the left have their gross caricature, and no cadre of leftist PR minds could write better attack ads for the general election than those he’s writing for them.

At a recent Trump rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania he had his usual mix of loyal supporters. By “loyal supporters” I mean students, frothing acolytes with blank stares – and Neo-Nazi Skinheads.

From The Daily Beast:

Almost a dozen white men decked out in the regalia of a white supremacist group hung out toward the back of the Trump-loving crowd, cheering heartily at the mogul’s calls for stricter immigration enforcement, and eyeing police as they dispatched protesters.

The group is called Keystone United—also known as the Keystone State Skinheads—and it’s one of the better-organized state-level white supremacist franchises in the country.

That Trump attracts the most vile wretches of society is no surprise. Last year, Stormfront, a white supremacist website, declared that a President Trump would usher in the Fourth Reich in America.

The Daily Stormer refers to Trump as “Glorious Leader.” A recent blog from the site ends with: “Heil Donald Trump – THE ULTIMATE SAVIOR.”

Trump is many things, but he is NOT anyone’s “ultimate savior.”

In reference to the Keystone United group, the Daily Beast further reports:

An investigator for the Anti-Defamation League, who asked us not to publish his name, said Keystone United members are regulars at Trump events around the state. They wear their regalia, don’t bother hiding their tattoos, and cheer right along with everyone else as Trump bashes immigrants and calls for revolution.

Since its founding in 2001, Keystone United chapters have sprung up around the state. The group sells White Lives Matter bumper stickers on its website, which show up on street signs and newspaper dispensers. The investigator added that of skinhead groups operating on a state-level, Keystone United is one of the best-organized in the country. The Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium concurs, describing them as “a well-organized, well-established, and increasingly violent group.”


I checked Keystone United’s website. I want to throw up.

Along with the usual Jew-bashing, event flyers with burning crosses, and general racist ignorance, there are memes and hashtags in support of Donald Trump.

The Republican party will not easily extricate itself from the trap that has been laid for them by Trump. The move to repudiate he and his followers needs to start sooner, rather than later.


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