SJW "Fight for $15" Founder Doesn't Get Economics

Because they want what they want, when they want it.

Neil Cavuto is a true professional, and he must have ice water in his veins. My own desire to scream out, “It’s the economy, Stupid!” would have been far too great to resist.


California, that bastion of economic success, just struck a blow for social justice warriors everywhere and signed into law a $15 minimum wage increase. The raise is set to go into effect sometime between now and 2022.

Cavuto, on his show, “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” confronted Naquasia Legrande, one of the burger-flipping founders of the “Fight for $15” sjw club.

The very basic notion of how costs will be inflated, in order to pay for what amounts to an everybody-gets-a-trophy raise escapes Legrand. Cavuto’s best and most elementary efforts to lay it out for her were lost.

Legrand insists that the faster this conversion to a minimum wage that is double that of the federal level, the better. She has to work almost two hours to afford the #1 meal at McDonalds.

That’s important.

Cavuto even suggests to her that when the minimum wage hike begins to cut into their profits, these restaurants and stores could likely resort to kiosks (and in some places, they already are), putting she and others like her out of a job.


Legrand’s sense of invincibility when faced with economic facts is mind-numbing:

“Let’s just say this, Neil,” Legrand responded. “These corporations … know for a fact that they can pay us more than what they’re paying us now. They can afford it.”

Cavuto further suggested that perhaps the unions had more than a little to do with pushing this agenda in the more liberal areas around the nation, which Legrand dismissed.

This is paying maximum benefits for minimum skill. People like Legrand serve as useful idiots to further the cause of union bosses who are making much more than $15 an hour and it all rolls downhill. The economy, as a whole, will feel the sting of Legrand and her ilk’s gullibility.


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