Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are The Cheetahs.

[This diary is my reporting on Tim Scott’s Tuesday night victory party. I’m sorry that it’s so late, but I had a medical board exam on Thursday and Friday that I had to travel to Atlanta, GA to take, and I just got back late Saturday night.]

From 2010-06-27
From 2010-06-27

As many of you are aware, I recently wrote a diary titled, “Tim Scott MUST Win–This Is Not Negotiable!”. In this diary, I explained that if Tim Scott lost to Paul Thurmond (in the SC District 1 Republican Primary), it would be disastrous for the state of South Carolina, and for the Republican Party. Why? Because the spectacle of a more qualified, more conservative, more charismatic African-American candidate losing to an unqualified guy named “Thurmond” (and I realize that this might not be entirely fair to Paul Thurmond, but who said that life was fair?) would be just too big of a spectacle for us to overcome. Furthermore, in this diary, I explained that, the MSM was closely watching this race. Also, I mentioned that the mocking and humiliation that SC received with regard to the Nikki Haley circus, via Jon Stewart and the rest of the MSM, would be cubed if Tim Scott lost to Paul Thurmond. (See embed below–go to 4:30 in to see SC bit. H/T Allahpundit of Hot Air.)

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To be specific, I wrote that the MSM would take us down like a hungry cheetah taking down a gazelle if we elected Paul Thurmond over Tim Scott.


Let’s face facts folks. To much of the MSM, we in SC were a big joke. I mean, does anyone remember when Joe Wilson shouted “You Lie!” at the State of the Union Address, and Maureen Dowd (and the rest of the MSM) tried to make everyone in SC look like Confederate flag waving racists? I certainly haven’t forgotten about it.

Well, Tuesday night, that all changed with Tim Scott’s and Nikki Haley’s victories.

How you ask? Because the elections of Tim Scott and Nikki Haley changed the entire narrative about southern conservatives and the issue of race. I mean, we all know that liberals love to support black politicians–that is if they represent primarily black districts, and/or race bait/play the race card by falsely accusing people of shouting racial slurs (see Jim Clyburn and John Lewis as prime examples of such behavior). Oh, and of course, liberals love to support extremely liberal African-Americans, like Barack Obama and Deval Patrick–that religiously tow the party line and are indentured servants to liberal special interest groups (like SEIU, ACORN, the teachers unions, etc.)–so that they can exorcise their white, liberal guilt.

For instance, the day after Obama’s presidential victory, Maureen Dowd wrote a column where she exclaimed that she was so excited to see black people and white people “talking to each other for the first time”–and, she admitted that she asked her “cute, black mailman” what he thought about Obama’s victory (someone needs to inform Ms. Dowd that, outside of Manhattan down in them red states, we’ve been talking to black people for years.) Then, Maureen Dowd wrapped up her ridiculous column by bragging that she was going to call her one black friend, Gwen Ifil (hey, she has a black friend, so it’s all good).


Anyway, my point is that it’s easy for Maureen Dowd, the MSM and the Democratic left (and Manhattanites) to support the most liberal guy in the US Senate who also happens to be black. However, I wonder what would happen if a black Democratic candidate actually started to think for himself, instead of simply towing the party line?

Well, if you’re curious, then just ask Alabama African-American US Representative, Artur Davis, what happened to him when he strayed from the Democratic party line and campaigned for governor of Alabama by running against Obamacare. You guessed it–the Democrats threw him under the bus. In fact, Jesse Jackson said the following with regard to Artur Davis

“We even have blacks voting against the healthcare bill from Alabama,” Jackson said at a reception Wednesday night. “You can’t vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man.”

Really????!!!! I did not know that. I guess you learn something new everyday.

[Oh, and just to put this in perspective for you–Artur Davis has an undergraduate degree and a law degree from Harvard, and he graduated with honors from both (not to mention, he was also a assistant US attorney before he was a US congressman). Now, Ron Sparks, the guy who beat Artur Davis in the AL Democratic primary, was an AL agricultural commissioner with a degree from a community college. Kind of shocking, huh?]


By the way, did anyone remember what happened to Harold Ford Jr. when he tried to run in the Democratic Primary for the New York US Senate seat? Again, you guessed it. Democrats railroaded him before he could even get in the race, simply because he was seen as too moderate because he voted against gay marriage in the past, supported a payroll tax cut, and and was against trying Khalid Shaikh Mohammed in New York. (In fact, the Democrat party bosses pushed Ford out in favor of Kirsten Gillibrand, who voted against cutting off funds for ACORN after that huge scandal last year, so that should explain a lot.)

Furthermore, if memory serves, it was mainly liberals that griped when blacks voted in high numbers in CA against gay marriage. I guess that Harold Ford Jr. (and the CA African-American voters) didn’t get the memo that “you can’t call yourself a black man and vote against gay marriage”. (The nerve of him!! Who does he think that he is thinking for himself?!). But, I digress.

And finally, speaking of straying from the liberal talking points, we know exactly how much respect liberal elites have for black conservatives–just ask Clarence Thomas and Charles “Minstrel Show” Blow. For some odd reason, liberals seem to be extremely threatened by black conservatives (probably because they have proven that it’s possible to get ahead in America without towing the liberal line or being beholden to liberal special interest groups). Don’t believe me? Well just look here, here, and here at the comments sections of these articles about Tim Scott–all of the racist comments were made by liberals. (The liberal commenters compared Mr. Scott to “Marion Barry”, said that “he had sheets hanging in his closet”, called him “a token”, etc.)


So, in conclusion, when I was at Tim Scott’s victory party on Tuesday night, I saw a bunch of good old southern guys and gals who were sunburned, exhausted and dehydrated from standing out in the sun all day long holding signs for Tim Scott. In fact, many had gotten caught in a heavy afternoon downpour, yet refused to leave their posts despite the heavy showers. They were tired, yet ecstatic. Moreover, Brandon Rowland, one of Tim Scott’s aides, told me that he had forgotten to eat that morning when he was standing out in the sun holding a sign for Mr. Scott, but he was determined not to leave his post–so he stood out in the sun all day, dehydrated on an empty stomach. (I asked Brandon if he was afraid of passing out. He said that he went to The Citadel, so he had passed out before, and that it was really no big deal.)

[If you want to get an idea of the energy and excitement pulsating throughout the room at Tim Scott’s victory party, then watch the video below. At about 1:25 in, people start chanting “We want Tim!”. Then, his mother goes to get him, and at around 2:15 in, Tim Scott makes his grand entrance and the crowd erupts with applause and jubilation.]

And at the end of the evening, when I asked Tim Scott about how he felt after his victory, he told me that he was “elated, yet focused” on the general election race to come, and that “it is still only half-time.” (Mr. Scott is a former football player.)


Yes, the left and their lackeys in the MSM were not at all prepared to handle both Tim Scott (likely the first African-American US Representative from SC since Reconstruction) and Nikki Haley (likely the first Indian-American female governor anywhere, and the second Indian-American governor in US history after Bobby Jindal–who is also a Republican) winning in SC on Tuesday night. The left woke up Wednesday morning flat on their back, feeling as if we had gone straight for their jugular. We in SC permanently maimed the race card with the election of Nikki Haley and Tim Scott. We slowly snuck up on them and they never saw it coming. Tuesday night, we were the cheetahs.

PS–If you want to know why Tim Scott was elected to Congress, then watch his interview with Sean Hannity below. When Hannity asks Mr. Scott what grade he would give President Obama (at around 2:40 in), Mr. Scott doesn’t mince words–without even flinching, he flat out answers “F”. Just like Chris Christie, Tim Scott has a set of brass ones (which is probably why The Club for Growth endorsed him). We need a lot more like him in Congress.

PPS–The first photograph in this diary is of Tim Scott, me, and Brandon Rowland on the right (one of Tim Scott’s aides). The second photograph is of Andrew Boucher on the left (another one of Mr. Scott’s aides), me, and Brandon Rowland on the right.


This diary was originally published on The Minority Report and Hillbillypolitics.



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