This is How the Pentagon Wokesters are Eroding Non-Commissioned Officer Standards

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s “revolution in woke military affairs” continues apace. First, there was the ridiculous 60-day leadership stand-down as the taste of things to come in ferreting out “white nationalists” and other supposed bogeymen in the US military. That process accelerated with Austin’s appointment of fellow West Point graduate Bishop Garrison as “Senior Advisor to The Secretary of Defense on Human Capital and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.” Garrison’s portfolio includes implementing immediate actions to combat “patriot extremism,” as well as the development of the mid-term and long-term recommendations for the continued engagement to combat future patriot extremism in the ranks.” Improve military readiness and combat effectiveness? Fuhgeddaboudit.


Oh, by the way, according to Garrison, “patriot extremists” include those who voted for President Trump in 2020. Is that too extreme? Hardly, as FoxNews commentator Pete Hegseth cover the ongoing “patriot purge” here:

Garrison is not letting any grass grow under his feet:

  • The Marine Corps saluted the social engineering flag, as previously reported here.
  • The Navy got into the act with a new memorandum entitled, “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Planning Actions” for the Navy Department” that was dissected here.
  • A program is being prepped to “screen the social media posts of military members for ‘concerning behaviors’ amid a broader crackdown on domestic extremism.”
  • From Breitbart: “A United States Air Force lieutenant colonel was fired from his command at Space Force after he gave interviews about his new book in which he said Marxism and critical race theory (CRT) are spreading in the military.”
  • The Army is abandoning due process for commanders in service of “wokeism.” From National Review:

When unscrupulous GOs disguise their witch hunts behind the veil of “administrative actions,” the Army can turn a blind eye to the procedural due-process rights of the accused. Currently, any member of a unit can levy a complaint — more accurately, a laundry list of complaints — without providing any evidence besides the allegation alone. If the allegations are part of the sacred trinity of racism, sexism, or bullying, a higher-level commander will not even question the veracity of the claims and instead will immediately appoint an investigating officer under the authority of Army Regulation 15-6 (AR 15-6).

  • The US Air Force Academy initiated a Transgender Working Group.
  • The Hologram’s Pentagon has Muslim extremists and other assorted activists “advising” their new “Countering Extremism Working Group.” What could possibly go wrong?

Now, the NCO selection process for the new US Space Force is being “improved” (at least in the minds of the wokesters and social justice warriors like Garrison who are running the Pentagon these days):

The Space Force this spring became the first military service to vet certain enlisted members for promotion using selection boards rather than tests, hoping the approach will prize thinking over memorization and lead to a better-rounded enlisted force.

Yeah, right. This is just another example of lowering standards and making the promotion selection process arbitrary, as opposed to merit objectively merit-based. Until now, all military NCO promotions were based on the results of written performance evaluations and standardized testing (which is entirely blind to race, gender, sexual orientation, and political ideology). As perfect and fair a promotion selection system as could be humanly devised – but apparently not fair enough for some who are the progenitors of identity politics in the US military.


Here is a simple prediction, given the chronology of woke-ist events in the military since the Hologram was inaugurated, including this disastrous decision by the Space Force. In the not-too-distant future, all of the promotion boards for enlisted members in all of the Services are going to contain mandated quotas for racial, ethnic, LGBTQ, female, and leftist political groups at the expense of better-qualified white males and conservatives. Physical standards are already relaxed to the point of absurdity; identity-based promotions are going to be the new “thang.”

What future promotion board member will be crazy enough to risk his personal career by daring to vote against the promotion of, as just one example, an enlisted gay black woman who has been a gung-ho race-baiting anti-American BLM activist (even if she never shows up for work sober and her performance is otherwise horrible)? And those future promotion board votes will probably all be publicly posted as “certified” by the diversity commissars who will run the show. It will be the end of secret ballots and meritorious promotions for all time. And with no quantified merit expressed in standardized test results as a basis for assessment of competence, promotion boards will not possibly be able to determine the real performance and qualifications of thousands of individual members being evaluated for potential promotion. Say hello to mediocrity, cynicism, lowered morale and unit cohesion, and a mass exodus of more qualified people.


A disaster waiting to happen. We’re going to find out that identity politics will destroy the military readiness and combat effectiveness of what was once the world’s premier fighting force. The hard way.

The end.


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