The Floyd Template

To fight the bug, we must understand the bug. We can ill-afford another Klendathu.

—Sky Marshal Tehat Meru, Starship Troopers

I admit to being a sci-fi junky. My brother and I read hundreds of 50-cent sci-fi paperbacks growing up in South Dakota in the 1960s. Sci-fi sometimes becomes reality in the future. At the very least, it stimulates the imagination, as well as provides some memorable quotes like the above.

My modern political adaption of Sky Marshal Meru’s quote from the 1997 cult classic Starship Troopers is as follows:

To fight the Democrats, we must understand the Democrats and their tactics. We can ill-afford another 2020 election result.

Let us examine one of their main tactics in the light of recent events.

Over the years, the Democrats have been perfecting a template to use and reuse against their political enemies. That template involves all elements of the Democrat Hive, which was explained in The American Spectator in 1981 by Tom Bethell:

Left-wing individuals and organizations have disguised their agenda by adopting a new system of communication, one in which the crude old formulas such as “state ownership of the means of production” never appear. Joe Sobran, the National Review editor and columnist, has likened the contemporary system of socialist communication to a beehive. Bees in a hive don’t “talk” to one another, but they do have an effective system of communication, and they all work toward a common goal, different bees performing different functions. “There is no need to posit an overarching conspiracy,” Sobran wrote recently. “The world collectivist movement goes forward. None of its constituent parts — Communist, socialist, liberal — runs the whole thing; they don’t even consciously cooperate, for the most part.” But they manage never to sting one another.

The template employed by Democrats and their allies in the Deep State, legacy media, Academia, and Hollywood in 2021 is commonly understood by all their players, and just as Bethell and Sobran described years ago, the Democrat bees coordinate the execution of that template as if it was second nature to them. It was honed to perfection in spinning the death of George Floyd into weaponizing the cancel culture through a year of unchecked rioting in America’s cities, as well as an ongoing Democrat political initiative to condemn, ostracize, and punish Americans that they loosely define as “white supremacists, white nationalists, and domestic terrorists” – and anybody who attempts to fight back (cowardly RINOs, call your office!).

Here are the key elements of the “Floyd Template”:

Create the narrative. Often a projection of what Democrats themselves are guilty of, their preferred narratives are big, bold, and even outrageous with twin goals of energizing their base and advancing their agenda. Frequently, this step involves leaking from “official sources” to set the meme. That was used to great effect with the Trump-Russia hoax, with DoJ/FBI/IC sources continually leaking new – and false! – revelations to their pals in the legacy media. The Floyd narrative was a furtherance of cultural Marxist myths, not the least of which was that white police disproportionately kill (or “murder,” as this teacher accused an LA County Sheriff’s Deputy of) black Americans. Never mind the actual statistics; it’s the narrative that counts!

Confidently propagate the narrative. This element includes endlessly repeating and piling on the original article(s) with subsequent leaks/lies, and shifting the story if/when inconvenient facts make the original narrative “non-operational.” How many thousands of stories were written about supposed Trump-Russia collusion from 2016 through 2020? Or about Charlottesville? Or the “insurrection”? Or the need to “reimagine” if not defund the police in the wake of Floyd’s death? Yeah, let’s all just call our local social worker instead of the police the next time we witness a crime in action and see what happens.

Suppress inconvenient truths (and repeat the lie). Facts and logic that counter the Democrat narrative are to be suppressed, spun, and rebutted at all costs in order to perpetuate the myth. As Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels is alleged to have said, “repeat a lie enough times, and it becomes the truth.” Democrats and their operatives are faithful to their narratives above all else; they do not stray from the party line. How many rank-and-file Democrats still believe that the Trump-Russia collusion hoax was real, or that police kill black Americans at a much higher rate than white Americans?

People Shot to Death by Police (Credit: Statista)

Brainwash and radicalize the willing sheep. According to the Psychological Dictionary, brainwashing is defined as “a method that manipulates and modifies a person’s emotions, attitudes, and beliefs. It utilizes intensely persuasive, even coercive tactics in order to enforce these changes.” Who could argue that Black Lives Matter supporters have not been radicalized over the past year by the legacy media in support of their political enablers in the Democrat Party? And how many rank-and-file Democrats are afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome through similar brainwashing?

Use violence and the threats of violence to intimidate the opposition. This is the new wrinkle that the Democrats added to the template in 2020 – borrowed and updated from the Nazis’ use of the Sturmabteilung (Hitler’s SA) during the 1930s. This includes judges and anyone willing to fight back against the Democrat narrative. Mob rule is Standard Operating Procedure for Democrats, who constantly seek to move the country in the direction of the tyranny of a pure and unconstrained democracy. What were/are the BLM and Antifa riots if not violent messaging to patriotic Americans to either “get with the program” or “get out of our way”? The very essence of mob rule. And get out of the way the judge and jurors in the Derek Chauvin trial certainly did because they knew what to expect had there been a hung jury or an innocent verdict.

Coopt and use a credible opposition figure to further the narrative. There is always a useful idiot Republican willing to curry favor with the legacy media by selling out other Republicans in support of the Democrat narrative of the moment. Mitch McConnell rushed to condemn President Trump and hold him responsible for the 6 January Capitol Hill protest with a truly despicable speech on the Senate floor. The NeverTrumper Liz Cheney continues to berate President Trump after voting to impeach him back in January (along with 10 other House “Republicans”). Some Republicans accepted without question the Chauvin verdict despite the obvious intimidation by BLM activists and Maxine Waters (D-CA). How are those statements looking now that we find out that one of the jurors is effectively a BLM activist – or at the very least a supporter? And how will the Democrat-media complex counter these reasons that explain why Chauvin deserves a new (and fair!) trial? Equal justice under the law for some but not others, which segues into the next element of the template.

Employ double standards. In Democrat parlance, rules are for losers. It is okay for frustrated BLM and Antifa types to violently riot, destroy private property, and commit bodily harm with impunity, but throw the book at and hold in solitary confinement some of the largely peaceful conservative protestors in Washington, DC. It is okay for Eric Swalwell (D-CA) to consort with a likely ChiCom operative/spy and retain his position on the House Select Committee for Intelligence while Marjorie Taylor-Greene (R-GA) was stripped of her committee assignments and punishing her constitutional right to free political speech that Democrats didn’t want to hear.

Use lawfare to achieve what votes cannot. This includes jury penetration by activists, which was used in the Chauvin trial as we are finding out afterward. The Democrats have perfected lawfare, and the field has been virtually cleared for them by a weak-kneed Republican National Committee and RINO leadership in Congress. President Trump’s executive orders were fought tooth-and-nail in the courts while The Hologram’s EOs glide through the federal agencies with no national Republican pushback (except from the states). And a passel of Democrat lawyers is out in force in Arizona trying to stop the ongoing forensic audit in service of the false Democrat narrative of “the most secure election ever.”

Coordinate actions throughout the Hive. Every anti-Trump hoax, every BLM-related narrative, every bit of spin on Biden family corruption – these and more were seamlessly propagated by all elements of the Hive over the past four years. Corrupt government officials (DoJ and FBI), corrupt reporters (the reporters from The New York Times who received a Pulitzer for their reporting on the Russian hoax!), academics propagating cancel culture theories, Hollywood starlets bleating about Trump’s supposed misogyny and other character defects, etc. Here is a perfect example of how Deep State operatives used “corrupt reporters to peddle lies” in going after a Republican US senator and others. These all come off without a hitch, just as if there is a grand plan being orchestrated by someone behind the scenes.

Ensure there is a political payoff to Democrats. Every Democrat narrative is aimed at moving the country in a leftward direction in service of their policy objectives, which are collectively about undermining the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Here is what the execrable Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) bleated after the Floyd verdict was announced – this being the Democrats’ real political objective:

“We must do more because for too long changes come inch by inch when we should be miles ahead,” Klobuchar said. “It is time for [the Senate] to move forward on police reform and pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.”

“Justice in Policing” amounts to open season for criminals – just as repeat offender St. George Floyd himself might have wanted. The Democrats love chaos because then they can promise to take government action to fix the problem(s) in exchange for Americans giving up more of their personal and economic freedoms.

Conclusion. The Floyd Template is used over and over by Hive Democrats to achieve their political objectives. The latest wrinkle is the use of street violence to intimidate their opponents. Wash, rinse, and repeat. They won’t be stopped until directly confronted, exposed, and shouted down with facts and logic.

To defeat the bug, we must first understand the bug, as Sky Marshall Tehat Meru said on the silver screen. The same goes for dealing with Democrats, but where are we going to find Republicans with the stomach to actually fight back? Other than that guy in Mar-a-Lago, that is.

The end.


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