Why Does the Biden Regime Support Illegal Aliens?

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

America Last is what The Hologram’s regime is all about. The complete reversal of effective Trump administration immigration policies and border controls is a prime example. The latest piece of the open borders policy puzzle is the restoration of grants for sanctuary cities. The grants had been curtailed by the Trump administration in order to disincentivize cities from shielding illegal immigrant criminals from prosecution and/or deportation. Here is the quiet DoJ announcement toward that end:

On January 20, 2021, the President issued Executive Order 13993, Revision of Civil Immigration Enforcement Policies and Priorities. Executive Order 13993 revokes Executive Order 13768 and directs the Attorney General and the heads of other relevant departments and agencies to “review any agency actions developed pursuant to Executive Order 13768 and take action, including issuing revised guidance, as appropriate and consistent with applicable law, that advances the policy set forth in” Executive Order 13993.

Consistent with that direction, I am rescinding the May 22, 2017 Attorney General memorandum entitled Implementation of Executive Order 13768, “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States[,]” which implemented that now-revoked Executive Order. Department components are directed to take appropriate action consistent with Executive Order 13993, including reviewing, revising, or rescinding, as appropriate and consistent with applicable law, any actions developed pursuant to Executive Order 13768 or the May 22, 2017 Attorney General memorandum.

Like most —  if not all — of The Hologram’s EOs, the actions directed in this one completely reverse a Trump EO. And the reversal of Trump’s America First EOs means The Hologram’s EOs are by definition about America Last – in this case, undermining the safety and security of American citizens and returning to the status quo ante of the Obama years.

EO 13748 contained a host of actions directed at “encouraging” states and municipalities to assist the federal government in incarcerating, prosecuting, and deporting criminal illegal aliens. You may remember the angel moms and dads whose children were murdered by some of those illegal aliens let into the country by Obama-era open border policies. They were instrumental in providing public support for implementing that EO. One key provision of EO 13748 was targeted at withholding federal grants from sanctuary cities:

[T]he Attorney General and the Secretary, in their discretion and to the extent consistent with law, shall ensure that jurisdictions that willfully refuse to comply with 8 U.S.C. 1373 (sanctuary jurisdictions) are not eligible to receive Federal grants, except as deemed necessary for law enforcement purposes by the Attorney General or the Secretary. The Secretary has the authority to designate, in his discretion and to the extent consistent with law, a jurisdiction as a sanctuary jurisdiction. The Attorney General shall take appropriate enforcement action against any entity that violates 8 U.S.C. 1373, or which has in effect a statute, policy, or practice that prevents or hinders the enforcement of Federal law.

That’s pretty sensible, don’t you think? Withhold federal funds from cities whose (Democrat) officials shield criminal aliens from federal prosecution. Ask yourself: What loyal and patriotic American would wish to protect criminal illegal immigrants from prosecution and deportation? Certainly no elected or appointed official who swore an oath of office that involves enforcing existing public safety laws or other legal statutes. Except Democrats, who apparently violate their oaths with impunity. Why is it that Democrats shield illegal aliens? Is there a big city Democrat mayor who doesn’t provide sanctuary for illegal aliens? And now the Biden regime is restoring grants to those Democrat-run cities. Stand by for the harsh reality of more tragic stories of angel moms and dads!

The open borders insanity of the Biden regime is becoming clearer with each passing day. Here are a few pieces of that puzzle that reflect Biden administration intentions:

  • The US-Mexico border has been wide open be decree since the Hologram was inaugurated. Note the surge in apprehensions for the month of March (the highlighted 172,331 represents a 20-year high for a single month):
Southwest Land Border Encounters (Credit:
  • With the flood of illegals into the US, detention centers filled to the brim with children. One hardly noticed, as the legacy media refused to report the story in order to shield the Biden regime from criticism. At least the Russia Times in late March provided some sunlight on the problem by noting that: “More than 15,000 unaccompanied migrant children are currently in custody at the US’ southern border with Mexico, with more than 5,000 held in temporary Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilities deemed “unacceptable and inhumane,” in the words of Texas Governor Greg Abbott.” Republicans were late to the party in exposing the open borders problem, but several have made visits to the border area to inspect facilities. Which is more than can be said for “Border Czar” Kamala Harris, who has yet to even visit one such facility.
  • With the detention centers creating “bad political optics” for Biden and his press secretary shill Jenn Psaki, the Biden regime reinstituted the Obama-era “catch and release” program. This was a typical liberal practice of apprehending illegal aliens who crossed the border and then releasing them if they “promise” to return for an immigration hearing. And of course, most never returned and headed straight for Democrat-run sanctuary cities that shielded them from legal action. What could go wrong?
  • Turns out that the feds are providing transportation to released illegal aliens to interior cities in the US, according to Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ): “Biden’s border crisis is real and it’s being forced into our local communities,” Biggs said. “These illegal aliens aren’t stopping in border states, they’re being given plane and bus tickets to anywhere in the country. We will not sit back and deal with this egregious exploitation of our border.”
  • Biden shut down construction of the border wall. What better way to signal to illegal aliens that the US border is wide open? With the surge in border crossings and resulting chaos, the cartels are getting rich on human trafficking:

The surge of migrants and unaccompanied children flooding across the southern border has not only raised safety, health and humanitarian concerns, but it’s also enriching criminal cartels and human smuggling operations. “No young child travels the course of Mexico to get to and cross our border without the assistance of cartels, and oftentimes it involves human trafficking,” says Gov. Greg Abbott. “I think it’s horrific that young children are being enticed into human trafficking, with lord knows what may be happening to them along the way.”

  • US Customs and Border Patrol officers are being burned out by the flood of illegals since Biden was inaugurated. Here are excerpts from a recent Fox News interview that highlight the problem, as well as the (purposeful?) ineptitude of the Biden immigration policymakers:

[An] unidentified DHS official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, expressed increasing frustration at the federal government’s handling of the situation. “People are just very burned out and there’s not a lot of optimism that it’s going to get better anytime soon,” the unnamed official, a male, told [Sara] Carter.The official went on to say that he was frustrated with President Biden’s border policies. “I think the policies were implemented irresponsibly and I think they do not have any sense of realism,” the man explained. “The people that implemented them, because they are not down here and haven’t been here, they don’t have significant law enforcement background. This is all something that until you have done this job, or you’ve actually had some feedback from people who have, you’re not well-equipped to handle the human capital involved in working this,” he continued.

Goliad County, with a population of 7,600, is one of four Texas counties that issued local states of disaster last week due to the impact of the border surge. Three of the counties are located 40 to 200 miles north of the border but are dealing with cross-border crime and human smuggling every day.

In their declarations, each of the counties—Kinney, Goliad, La Salle, and Atascosa—said the “health, life, and property” of their residents are “under imminent threat of disaster from the human trafficking occurring on our border with Mexico.”

Why protect illegal aliens from criminal prosecution? Why enable states and cities to shield illegal alien criminals from deportation? Where is the concern for US public health, given that some of the illegals crossing the border have the ChiCom virus? Where is the concern for competition for jobs in an economy that remains depressed due to lockdowns (the current US unemployment rate is 6%)? How does shutting down the construction of the border wall enhance US border security? Where is the concern about the inevitable increase in crime across the US resulting from the flood of illegals? What about any concerns for US taxpayers paying the freight for the Obama regime’s destruction of the US border and immigration controls? How is anything that the Biden regime is doing in reversing Trump-era immigration policies of benefit to the American people?

Republicans never seem to press Democrats on any of these questions, and the White House press corps remains a joke in questioning Jenn Psaki on the deleterious effects of Biden’s open border policies. One can only conclude that the Democrats seek social and political chaos, a spike in crime (while at the same time purging police departments for political reasons), a flood of new people dependent on federal programs, and future Democrat voters. What other reasons can there be?

None of this supports regular Americans at all. The Hologram’s immigration policies are the epitome of his America Last agenda.

The end.



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