We’re Nothing but Statistics to the Democrats

A prevailing myth since the FDR administration that has been endlessly propagated by the Democrat-media complex is that the Democrat Party is the party of “working Americans” and “the little guy.” The leftwing Salon acknowledged that:

Working-class Americans had fallen in love with Roosevelt and Democratic Party policies in the 1930s, and that love affair persisted across the better part of three generations.

But Americans have been debunking that myth in recent years, and the 2020 election showed that “working Americans” (a typical Marxist euphemism used by Democrats, as everyone “works” except for retirees, invalids, and those on the public dole) voted for President Trump in droves. And those same “working Americans” (i.e., all of us normal people) are aghast at the job-destroying executive orders that have rained down as hell-fire on the economy since The Hologram was inaugurated last month.

The cynicism of Democrats knows no bounds. The in-your-face gloating about “fortifying” the elections in that TIME article confirmed every “conspiracy theory” and election fraud claim that conservatives have put forth since Election Day, not to mention validating the Trump campaign’s assertions on the subject. But even worse is the Democrats’ continued use of people as simple statistics to advance their political agendas. And they couldn’t care less about the individuals who make up those statistics. Let us explore a few examples.

Mass Shootings. This is an oldie. The Democrats made a cottage industry about leveraging mass shootings during the Obama regime in order to push their gun control agenda at every turn. Never mind that most of the perps were leftists, or that some of the locations of the shootings were purposely left defenseless due to local Democrat anti-gun ordnances (e.g., schools). Except for a few instances such as this one in 2019, gun control took a back seat to impeaching President Trump during the last four years, but “set the reflash watch,” as a joint Democrat-media effort to sensationalize “mass shootings” in pursuit of the Biden regime’s gun control agenda has already started, as noted here and here, as well as Biden’s recent statements on the anniversary of the Parkland massacre. The people who lost their lives are just statistics to Democrats as they pursue their gun control objectives.

California Wildfires. Wildfires in California have increased in severity, structures damaged, hectares burned, and deaths caused in recent years, as the tables here make clear. The worst within the last decade was the 2018 Camp fire in Butte County (Oroville-Chico area north of Sacramento) in which some 153,00 acres and over 18,000 structures burned and 85 people lost their lives. The greenies who own the California state legislature and their allies in Academia claim that these fires are the result of “acute climate change” out of one side of their mouths while out of the other side of their mouths, they also restrict controlled burns (gross forestry mismanagement) to prevent such devasting fires, as noted here. Gotta “return to nature” and blame “anthropogenic global warming” (sic) for the fires and deaths, don’t ya know? They’re just statistics.

BLM and Antifa Riots. American cities were aflame in 2020 (continuing into 2021 for Portland, Seattle, and a few other cities). Democrats – including Kamala Harris! – supported the rioters to the hilt, including paying for their bail. Over $2 billion worth of property damage was sustained during those riots, not to mention the tragic deaths of at least 25 people. The Democrats made martyrs of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor while ignoring the other deaths that occurred – all for self-serving political purposes. Floyd, Taylor, and the rest have become historical artifacts and statistics who were useful in the Democrats’ successful “get-Trump” narrative in 2020.

COVID-related Deaths in New York Nursing Homes. Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) is finally facing a little heat for his disastrous decision last March to shove virus-infected seniors into nursing homes, resulting in the infection and deaths of thousands of his constituents. The Democrat-media complex had been doing its best to take the heat off Cuomo and bury the narrative, but a preliminary investigation by the FBI and a US attorney is underway according to press reports. Although known months ago, Cuomo’s disastrous decision was covered up because the Democrats used the “pandemic” as a political hammer against President Trump, but even NY Democrats are demanding some accountability now that the election is over. Those nursing home deaths were just statistics who served the Democrats’ crass political purposes.

The Insurrection (sic) Victims. Five people died during the events of 6 January labeled and trumpeted everywhere by the Democrat-media complex as an “armed insurrection.” Never mind that a single shot was fired at Ashli Babbitt, a Trump supporter killed in the Capitol building by a member of the police whose name still has not been released (Why not? We learned the names of the officers involved in George Floyd’s death within days!). We have subsequently learned that the others died of natural causes, including the policeman who was purported to have been killed by a fire extinguisher wielded by a protestor (now debunked – “retracted” –by the NY Times which originally reported the lie). For weeks, the false narrative of the “armed insurrection” prevailed, finally to be unwound by the facts. But it served its purpose: to provide cover for the joint session of Congress to “certify” the Electoral College votes for Biden without any debate on election fraud. The narrative has also been used to support the ongoing Biden regime’s agenda to refocus law enforcement and the surveillance powers of the federal government on “domestic terrorists” (in reality, Trump supporters in particular who are being identified and canceled by the media and Academia with each passing day). Independent leftwing journalist Glenn Greenwald does an outstanding job in exposing “the false and exaggerated claims” made by Democrats and the media about the events of January 6 in this piece. Ultimately, the deaths of those five people are mere statistics to the Democrats, with the perpetrator of the tragic death of Ashli Babbitt going unpunished, as well as buried and forgotten by the media. Those statistics served the Democrats’ purposes well.

Lockdown Deaths. A total accounting of deaths due to the lockdowns across the US may never be completed because that information does not serve the best interests of the Democrat Party – the party of lockdowns! As noted by the American Institute for Economic Research, two economists forecasted in March 2020 that the state lockdowns in the US would cause over 100,000 “excess deaths due to drug overdoses, suicide, alcoholism, homicide, and untreated depression – all a result not of the virus but of policies of mandatory human separation, economic downturn, business, and school closures, closed medical services, and general depression that comes with a loss of freedom and choice.” That linked article from November 2020 contained shocking statistics from the CDC confirming that projection:

Overall, an estimated 299,028 excess deaths have occurred in the United States from late January through October 3, 2020, with two thirds of these attributed to COVID-19. The largest percentage increases were seen among adults aged 25–44 years and among Hispanic or Latino (Hispanic) persons. These results provide information about the degree to which COVID-19 deaths might be underascertained and inform efforts to prevent mortality directly or indirectly associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, such as efforts to minimize disruptions to health care.

The Democrats used the lockdowns specifically as a political tactic against President Trump. Their attack was two-fold: shut down the economy (one of President Trump’s greatest strengths) and falsify and blame COVID deaths on the Trump administration. Democrats have yet to explain why Florida’s virus outcomes with a mild lockdown were better than in the strict lockdown states of New York and California. The science was perverted and twisted by Democrats to keep states in lockdown. Never mind the horrible excess death statistics that resulted. All in service of political motivations to “get Trump.”

The Texas “Green New Deal” Lesson. Finally, Texans have paid a horrible price in recent weeks as a result of the “polar vortex” that swept down from Canada and killed 70 Texans due to hypothermia plus at least 14 others in neighboring states (so far). The culprit – besides the cold weather? Despite the near-universal denials by legacy media and Green Democrats (do a web search and see for yourself on that score), wind and solar shortfalls played a big part in the energy shortages, as explained in detail in this article from The Federalist.  An excerpt:

In 2011 about 6 percent of the electricity mix was generated from wind power. Today it’s 25 percent. Simultaneously, Texas has increased its overall electricity consumption by 20 percent as the state is attracting people from everywhere and the population is booming. Furthermore, three coal plants were taken offline. Indeed, the same type of storm of 2011 did not play out in the same circumstances in 2021. Did fossil fuels struggle? Absolutely, but their percentage of the grid dropped significantly.

The difference is wind. So serious is this percentage of the electric grid coming from unreliable wind power that more than two years ago, the Chair of Texas Public Utility Commission called lack of dependable electricity reserves “very scary.”

The Democrats are all-in on green energy and have been for years. The electric grid across the country has been compromised through wind and solar mandates, and all it took was one major winter storm to expose the fallacy that green energy can fulfill the nation’s energy needs. But the Democrat-media complex is in complete denial and deflection mode because a top Democrat and Biden regime agenda is the Green New Deal, with rejoining the Paris Climate Accords already having been accomplished as the first step down that path. Those deaths down Texas way? They’re just statistics and minor speed bumps on the Democrat road to a “Brave New Green Energy World.” Don’t expect to see a Democrat-run state funeral for any of those victims any time soon.

Conclusion. Achieving the goals of the Democrat political agenda is all that matters to them, regardless of the human costs. Those costs are considered to be “necessary evils” in the pursuit of the greater good, as defined by the Democrat Party. What are a few deaths to return California forests to their primeval state “before mankind arrived and screwed up the environment” (as the greenies say)? Or several hundred thousand excess deaths in 2020 to get rid of Donald Trump? Or exploitation of shooting deaths to achieve gun control dreams? Martyrs or victims: it matters not. All are used by Democrats to achieve their political ends. The rest of us are just statistics. Reminds me of what the Soviets did and the ChiComs have been doing over the years.

The end.


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