Pelosi and Schumer Are Garbage; So Are Most Other Elected Democrats

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Never mind the “agreement” reached in the Senate on that $2 trillion. Yes, the provisions mean real relief for real people, but those could have been signed into law long ago. What perhaps matters more is whether any poison pills are being sneaked into the bill by Democrats as part of the “compromise.” Republicans are known for giving away the store.

Perhaps more important is that the American people saw for themselves what the Democrats are all about in trying to load up the economic stimulus bill with leftwing wish-list items having nothing to do with economic relief or combatting the virus. Pelosi and Schumer may have been too clever by half, as a lot of Americans essentially at home due to quarantines were able to watch the Democrats in action.

Americans need to understand that the Democrats have been operating under Saul Alinksy’s rules for a couple of decades now – Hillary Clintons was a disciple of Alinsky, after all – with Rahm Emanuel tacking on a rule that has since been added to the Democrat playbook: “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

Pelosi, Schumer and other Democrats have been operating with those rules in mind for years and especially the Emanuel addendum. Take the deals made over the years to “end government shutdowns.” All agreements involved caving in to Democrat demands that advanced their political goals by funding their priorities at the long-term expense of the country. The worst should always be expected of Democrats, especially during crises.

It must NOT be forgotten that the Democrats held hurting Americans hostage in order to advance partisan political objectives as this economic stimulus bill was negotiated. Here is one list from PJ Media of non-essential Christmas tree ornaments (perhaps poison pills would be a better metaphor) with my commentary in parentheses after each item:

1. Minority banks (This is nothing other than quotas and identity politics at play.)

2. Violence against women (Actually, men are hardest hit by the Chinese plague.)

3. Funds for the Kennedy Center (The Left apparently want the Chinese plague-equivalent of “Piss Christ.”)

4. AIDS funding (Wrong virus!)

5. LGBTQ+ financial literacy (Totally irrelevant to the crisis at hand.)

6. Collective bargaining (Unions hardest hit? Nothing to do with the crisis.)

7. Airline carbon emissions reporting (This is back-dooring a Green New Deal with requirements to “fully offset the annual carbon emissions” beginning in 2025.)

8. $15 minimum wage (It won’t matter if businesses go under; besides, a higher minimum wage results in job losses!)

9. Sixty pages on elections (I didn’t know that the virus voted. Their provisions included ballot harvesting, same-day registration, ballot by mail, and no ID required, which would skew elections toward Democrats forever.)

All of the above have NOTHING to do with providing economic relief to Americans whose livelihoods have been turned upside down by the Chinese plague. But there were other poison pills that will included:

  • Requirements reporting federal and corporate gender and racial diversity data
  • $10,000 in student loan debt relief
  • Expansion of wind and solar tax credits
  • A bailout of the US Post Office
  • Amnesty for DACA recipients
  • Automatic extension of nonimmigrant visas
  • Restricting colleges from providing information about citizenship status to law enforcement officers
  • Funding for Planned Parenthood through guaranteed small business loans to abortion clinics

And Americans are somehow supposed to believe that the Democrats are doing “everything they can” to quickly provide economic relief to people who are losing their businesses and jobs when the above political garbage has been gumming up the works? Who knows what has been/is being slipped into the final bill while everyone cheers that “an agreement has been reached”? Do you seriously trust the garbage Democrats who have been politicizing the Chinese plague from the very beginning as yet another attempt to “get Trump”? And sure enough, this tweet confirms my suspicion that there are plenty of poison pills in the bill:

Or this baloney. The more that comes out about this, the less I like it:

The Democrats have even found common cause with the ChiComs, the very regime that covered up the plague and failed to cooperate on information sharing that could have accelerated combating the virus around the world. They are carrying water for the Chinese by accusing President Trump of racism as he quite properly names the virus for its origin (“the Chinese virus”), which is how many other viruses were named, e.g., Ebola fever (named after the Ebola River in the Congo where it was first discovered) and Lyme disease (named after Old Lyme, Connecticut where it was first diagnosed in 1975).

In addition, the ChiComs have mounted a tremendous propaganda campaign to try to convince the world they they’re not responsible for the plague and are now quoting statements by the Democrat-media complex to bolster their propaganda, as reported by The Washington Free Beacon:

China’s state-run propaganda outlets are using coronavirus coverage by U.S. media and Democratic politicians to push the regime narrative that the Chinese government bears no responsibility for the ongoing pandemic and that sourcing the origin of the virus to Wuhan is politically motivated.

A video posted Monday by the Global Times, a tabloid run by the Communist Party of China, uses footage of numerous American media outlets and Democratic politicians to portray criticism of China’s handling of the coronavirus as racist. In addition to citing CNN’s Chris Cuomo and NBC’s Richard Engel, the video highlights tweets from two-time failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio parroting regime talking points.

I will even take the Chinese-Democrat collusion one step further, albeit possibly into conspiracy theory territory. The timing of both the original ChiCom virus cover-up in the beginning and how Pelosi held onto the articles of impeachment for over a month is very suspicious to me. There are NO such things as coincidences, particularly in the political real. Regardless of whether there is any real linkage there, the friend of my enemy is my enemy, and that means you, Democrats. You people are garbage, and thankfully the American people are catching on to your priorities – actions to acquire your own political power at the expense of everything and everybody, including your constituents.

If Pelosi and Schumer had set aside politics and truly moved in bipartisan fashion by helping to pass a clean bill to expedite economic relief for Americans, they would have had something positive to run on in November. This was a golden opportunity for Pelosi to solidify her power while giving Schumer a shot at Senate Majority Leader, but they – particularly Pelosi with her antics to introduce a “Democrat alternative” at the 11th hour – sacrificed it on the alter of Trump Derangement Syndrome and hyper-partisanship.

It occurs to me that the Democrats in Congress themselves are a virus: they have a symbiotic relationship with in incurable cancer (socialism). If only they could all be quarantined on a fleet of sinking ocean liners. Of course, there already exists a vaccination for DemoVID20 – simply inject with lead and isolate each case six feet under, or hang outside exposed to UV radiation (sunshine) for at least two successive days. A guaranteed cure-all!

Of course, I am only dreaming about that, but we DO have an opportunity to sweep out the Pelosi-Schumer garbage in November. Let’s get that done.

The end.


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