Virus Crisis: The Border Is Still Open

In retrospect in the middle of the Wuhan virus pandemic, President Trump’s America First policy was prescient. Focusing on policies across the board that are beneficial to the health, welfare, safety, and security of the American people would seem automatic for US presidents, but that definitely wasn’t the case during the Obama era, as we watched Obama make friends of enemies and enemies of friends while enabling a flood of illegal aliens and opening America to resettlement of unscreened Muslim refugees across the land.

Enter President Trump in 2016, who upset the political class’s apple cart and immediately made America First his strategic plan for policy implementation: re-balancing trade agreements beneficial to American (with Canada, Mexico, China), eradicating ISIS, empowering US economic growth through tax and regulatory cuts, rescinding Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran (which was enabling Iran’s acquisition of a nuclear weapon), and focusing on border security (despite massive Uniparty resistance).

President Trump was absolutely right to focus on border control and to declare a border emergency due to the unchecked flood of illegal aliens and drug and human trafficking across our southern border. That rationale included stopping the spread of infectious diseases not seen in the US for decades. Enlisting Mexico to do their part to cut down the flow of illegals has paid dividends in reducing cross-border traffic. These continuing border security actions undoubtedly slowed the spread of the Wuhan virus and saved American lives.

However, the Wall has not yet been completed because the Democrats continue to stonewall on providing funding to complete its construction. To be fair, Republicans led by RINO Paul Ryan, who was enthralled by the US Chamber of Commerce and other globalist-minded major Republican donors, failed to deliver when they controlled House in 2017-2018.

Kris W. Kobach, former Secretary of State of Kansas and an expert in immigration law and policy recently opined in Breitbart that while much has been done, much is left to do to completely cut off the entry of potentially-infected Chinese nationals who continued to illegally enter the US:

[L]ast year there was a massive increase in the number of Chinese nationals sneaking across the Mexican border. In FY 2019, the number of Chinese migrants caught at the southern border in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Sector increased 85%, from approximately 700 to over 1,300. 

Thousands of Chinese nationals successfully entered the country illegally across the southern border in FY 2019. And none of them were screened for the coronavirus. Not tests, no quarantines, nothing.

Unfortunately, that huge flow of Chinese illegal aliens has created travel networks that other Chinese nationals have been able to use to evade the travel ban from China that President Trump prudently announced on January 31.

And it’s happening. As of this writing, according to Border Patrol figures, more than 350 Chinese nationals have been apprehended at the southern border since January 1.

And for every illegal alien who’s caught, one can assume that three made it in without getting caught. That means that more than 1,000 Chinese nationals have entered illegally this year already—most of them after the Chinese travel ban was put in place.

As long as our border remains wide open, no travel ban will be completely effective.

Indeed! While Americans are being quarantined in their own homes in certain states to contain the spread of the virus, the southern border is still like Swiss cheese. Who knows how many infected illegals continue to cross the border each and every day? Completely closing the border and controlling all ports of entry into the US is a national imperative during this crisis. Now is the time to press for rapidly finishing the wall and shutting off the flow of illegals (and the virus) across our southern border.

Completing the wall is putting America First. Rightfully so.

The end.


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