Laura Ingraham Keeps Bashing Beijing; Questions Why We Should Ever Cooperate With the ChiComs Again After This Continuing Cover-Up

Americans everywhere are waking up to the threat that China has always been. The Wuhan virus crisis is an eye-opener to those Americans who believed what the political class and globalists have been selling about “opening China,” “bringing them into the rest of the world,” the “inherent” value of global supply chains, and other lies that have led to the rapid rise of the Communist Chinese economy.

Communists are the same everywhere, regardless of time period, race, country, or any other differentiating factor. They are all about total control – of their own people, their economy and means of production, their media, and the dissemination of information to outsiders in particular. That means withholding anything that might embarrass the regime, in particular, and using propaganda to spin lies to hide damaging truths when necessary. We have seen direct evidence of all of those control actions in play during this crisis. And we have seen Western media and politicians expose themselves as ChiCom toadies by playing right along with the propaganda. We have also seen how the Chinese have corrupted the World Health Organization into falsely praising ChiCom efforts to control the spread of the virus and to blame others for its origin. This has been a wake-up call for a lot of Americans!

Laura Ingraham continued her righteous China-bashing in her opening monologue on Wednesday night, highlighting the cost of the Chinese cover-up and suggesting actions that the US needs to take if the Chinese don’t immediately open their books on the Wuhan virus and start openly cooperating with medical research teams around the world. Here is some of what she had to say:

Ingraham: [The next main topic is] demanding total cooperation and openness from China or else. In a pandemic, it’s essential that our health experts work cooperatively with other countries, and that we all share data and findings about the disease as we try to stop its spread. All over the world wonderful and brave doctors who have been treating COVID-19 patient are posting their findings online … it’s fantastic. But we need the Chinese government to give us total and complete access to all their scientific data, including the findings of doctors who first studied and discovered the virus. Some of htat information was apparently destroyed; well, we want to find it, we want it back. We want to know everything about Patient Zero. We want to know everything about the true recovery rates, the true mortality rate, including those who were locked in their apartments and left to die in Wuhan. And if China isn’t willing to work with us in defeating this pandemic and ensuring that something like this never happens again … Look what happened to the American people today … their stockholdings there 401Ks … many people losing their jobs … think about this. If you’re not operating in total transparency regarding this disease, then we have to ask ourselves why we want to continue to be integrating with them at all on any issue.

We have nothing against the Chinese people, just like we didn’t have anything against the Russian people during the Cold War. But President Xi and his Politburo have to come clean here, or we need to consider taking severe measures against Beijing. We need a new industrial policy, made in the USA all the way. If they don’t come clean, we have to revoke China’s most-favored nation status. We have to ban Chinese investments in the US. We have to strictly limit Chinese travel to the US. And by the way, forget that second phase to the trade deal; we have to add tariffs. That should get their attention, don’t you think?

Not only has China thus far refused to allow our top medical official access to all the data, all the hospitals, all the premier researchers, they’re kicking out our journalists who are actually there trying to report the truth about what happened going back to November, December, January, and what didn’t happen. The NY Times reporting that the Chinese government “cast its expulsion of the journalists … as necessary to defend Beijing against what it perceived as an ideological campaign by the United States to impose its values on China.” And yet despite all this … despite what’s happened … despite how awful this has gotten for people all around the world and of course here … somehow there are American journalists who are still spreading about China’s “feelings”:

(cut to a video clip in which a reporter asked the President: “Why do you keep calling this a Chinese virus. Why do you keep using this? A lot of people say it’s racist.” The President replied: “It’s not racist at all. It’s because it comes from China.”)

(cut to a second video clip in which a reporter asked the President: “A person at the White House used the term ‘kung flu’. My question is, do you think that’s wrong?”)

(third clip: “You’ve been very clear about who you think is to blame or where the origins of this virus is.” The President replied: “No, no, I don’t think, I know where it came from. It comes from China.”)

Good for Trump. Oh, and when we’re not worried about the virus nomenclature, we apparently have wanted to help the economy of the country that is behind our national nightmare.

(cut to a video clip of the President responding to a question about shouldn’t the tariffs be taken off now: “Look, China is paying us billions and billions of dollars in tariffs, and there’s no reason to do that. … I can’t imagine Americans asking for that.”)

Now look at how much time was lost because China covered it up at the end of last year … covered up the virus. They threatened doctors, they refused to allow independent medical teams in to assess the situation. In its handling of COVID-19, … China has blood on its hands. From Nature magazine: “If China had implemented its control measures a week earlier, it could have prevented 67% of all cases there. Implementing the measures 3 weeks earlier, from the beginning of January, would have cut the number of infections to 5% of the total.” And yet the WHO wants everyone to think that …. It’s right to fawn over China’s containment efforts? That’s ridiculous. We cannot sit by and let our people have their lives threatened, our entire economy devastated … not by a contagion that originated in China, a country that still refuses to allow the NIH unfettered access. …

I thought about the millions and millions of Americans who work their butts off every day and see their dream of having a retirement someday, of putting their kids through college, vanish because of this virus. Much if not all of this could have been avoided if China had only been forthcoming from Day One. This cannot stand.

End of the “Ingraham Angle.” Time to end our dependency on Communist China on various supply chains. Time to incentivize the re-patriation of US industries and manufacturing to the US. Time to jack up tariffs on Chinese products. Time to expose stop free Chinese access to the US. Time to get real in dealing with the Chinese threat.

The President has been right to push back on China, and now we see one glaring reason why.

The end.


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