From the Mailbag! (This one is INCREDIBLE.)

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I received an email from an unhappy (and apparently unhinged) reader! After emailing it to our editor, Streiff, he suggested I add it to our ongoing From the Mailbag! feature. [Editor’s note from streiff: read previous editions of From the Mailbag.]


I was just minding my own business yesterday – working on a few articles, channel-surfing the cable news channels, sipping a Boulevard Wheat draft, etc. – when this “Tip” popped into my email box:

—–Original Message—–
From: “sherry hodges”
Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2020 20:36
To: sjcvrk
Subject: Tip

You’re right, Trump is a dictator, I’ve been tracking him and his crony friends for several years. My ex husband was a Russian translator For NAVSEC during Vietnam. I recognized some odd things about Trump, and did some follow up. Without explaining a lot of details, Trump was a construct of MGM. The TV show “Apprentice” was a setup. The producer worked for them. They designed Trump Tower in NYC and Vegas as a set. The architect built that escalator so he could make his grand entrance. The whole Trump campaign was a production. The architect was Charlie Kirks father. They put big gold letters at the top of a Trump tower in Vegas so it would tower over the Strip for everyone to see. They ran it like a film production.

Trumps base CIA live in a Fountain Hills Arizona. I lived there for a year. They have a secret society called the Founders. The guy who built the town, also built Disneyland. He was CV Wood, a research scientist from Stanford Lab, worked with a Werner von Braun. Trump made his first campaign stop in fountain hills in 2016. I know the woman who organized the event. Trump has been using his best asset, selling. Watch him closely, it’s all sales. He’s always out front with his impressive suit and tie, pumping his ego. He learned it from the same sales tactics books as Amway. He has been working with a Amway for decades. My cousin was a silent partner in Amway with Devos. He had a falling out with Devos. . The Amway people originally set ops at the Crystal cathedral near Disneyland. My cousin was the lead. He was also an investor with the Crystal cathedral. They moved to Fountain Hills in 1989 to be near their command center at Florence Az. I went over there and checked it out. They were doing maneuvers in a shopping mall. I saw it and thought, what the heck are they doing. They were also selling bullets and guns. They pray over trump as their savior. There’s more, but you can probably see thru it now. Let me know if you have any questions.


Wow! I proceeded to re-read the email while wearing my tin-foil hat but somehow that didn’t help me properly decipher all the twists and turns therein. Being a socially-conscious male who has spent a lifetime being brow-beaten by feminist and cultural Marxist rhetoric, I hemmed and hawed about how best to respond. Should I ask her for elaboration (and thereby torture myself some more), should I suggest she change the dosage of her medications, should I politely disagree and enter into a dialog with her, should I be compassionate and commiserate with her, or should I just ignore her? I thought about all of that for about 5 seconds and then punched out this email response:

—–Original Message—–
From: sjcvrk
Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2020 20:40
To: “sherry hodges”
Subject: RE: Tip

Seek therapy before it’s too late because if there’s anyone in the world who needs it, that would be you.

Yes, indeed, my Navy training shone through once again. There is nothing like being unleashed and free to be direct in the Age of Trump.

Keep those emails coming!

The end.


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