MSNBC Is All A-Dither About the Democrat Presidential Race (But That Doesn’t Mean They Know What They’re Talking About!)

“Stop Bernie!” is MSNBC’s rallying cry, by all accounts. Apparently, they sense the deep concerns expressed by the Democrat Establishment about a Bernie-led Democrat ticket in November and are pulling the red fire alarm handles like the good little Democrat pawns they all are on that network. I mean, do they ever interview a Republican – or even a sane Democrat who’s not afflicted with TDS – on that network? I didn’t see any during three tortuous hours on Monday.


To get back to their hand-wringing, the MSNBC talking heads were trying to breath life into a what they viewed to be a resuscitated Joe Biden campaign after Biden’s win – which was entirely predicted – in the South Carolina primary on Saturday. They were kicking the tires on strategies that would get Biden about the thresholds necessary to garner delegates in the Super Tuesday states, as well as postulating on the impacts of Buttigieg and Klobuchar “suspending” their campaigns. The talking heads are apparently bad at math, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

One of the premises expressed was that Biden would pick up all of Buttigieg’s and Klobuchar’s voters, enabling Biden to close the margin with Bernie. That’s just crazy because Buttigieg might even be left of Bernie (his father was a Marxist professor after all!), and his “coalition” knows that full well and will almost certainly move to Bernie – except for the few who were fooled by his moderate shtick during the primaries. Klobuchar is pretty far left, too, and even if all of her voters went to Biden (unlikely), her paltry 5-6% wouldn’t make much of a dent on Super Tuesday. Besides, some of her voters are hard-core single-issue feminazis who support her simply because she’s a woman, and they would be more likely to move to Fauxcahontas than Biden.


There was also a lot of chit-chat and field reporting from about the fears of down-ballot elections in states like Texas about having to defend the candidacy of an avowed socialist at the top of the ticket. There appears to be a lot of lower-level Democrat Party angst in state organizations about Bernie Sanders, and who knows how that pressure is manifested on the DNC these days? The down-ballot Democrats sense a wipeout in November, and the MSNBC talking heads were completely sympathetic.

Former Obama CIA director and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta joined the handwringing and was interviewed by Andrea Mitchell. He expressed great concerns about a Bernie nomination and called Bernie a “divider not a uniter” while stating that he has had conversations with House and Senate Democrats who are extremely nervous about having Sanders at the top of the ticket, fearing that the Republicans will take the House and increase their margin in the Senate. He tried to claim that it’s boiling down to a two-man race between Sanders and Biden, but that’s not reality, as Fauxcahontas is still in the race, too. He also tossed out the tidbit that he had already voted for Biden “by mail” in California.

The problem with all their ruminating about how Biden can reconstitute a coalition that will magically sweep him to victory is the math. As we examined in this article on Sunday, Bernie is in the catbird seat with his national lead and significant lead in California (which dwarfs all primary states in the number of delegates) and his late surge in Texas (Hispanics are jumping on the Bernie bandwagon after his Nevada sweep, where the Hispanic vote was a major factor). Here are a few quotes from that article that explain Biden’s problems – and blow holes in the MSNBC talking heads’ feeble theories:


California and Texas and the other Super Tuesday states aren’t South Carolina. Nationally, in the latest Real Clear Politics averages, Bernie Sanders is still 10 points ahead of Biden, but where it really counts – for example in California – the gap is gargantuan, i.e, 34% for Bernie and a paltry 13% for Biden. Democrat primary voters outside of the Deep South have got the Gaffe Machine’s number. In fact, in Massachusetts, the bulwark of lefty Democrat bulwarks, doesn’t even crack 10% and is a distant fifth in the polls.

Biden’s coalition is a “Southern Black Coalition,” which not only can’t deliver him the necessary delegates to win, but will be death during the general election, as President Trump will sweep the South by huge margins against any Democrat nominee.

Here’s the other big problem with the theory that a Biden surge is going to sweep through and past Super Tuesday states and ultimately “stop Bernie.” Mini-Mike Bloomberg has already declared that he is in the race to the bitter end. That means that he will siphon off the Democrat moderate vote away from Biden whom the Democrat Establishment is positioning as the “moderate alternative” to Bernie.  By the way, “moderate Democrat” is truly an oxymoron, but the Democrats and their media allies would have us all believe that there really are moderates left in the Democrat Party.


At any rate, the primary votes will remain split, with Bernie almost certainly likely to garner the most delegates through the primaries but not the 1990 that would be required to win the nomination on the first vote at the convention in Milwaukee in July. The math simply isn’t there, given the national and state polls being what they are, and the Democrat Establishment’s likely forcing out of Buttigieg and Klobuchar at the last minute before Super Tuesday has no hope of tilting the playing field sufficiently in Biden’s direction. Brokered convention, here we come!

The hangdog looks from Andrea Mitchell and the rest of the MSNBC correspondents were priceless to watch – and there were ZERO smiles throughout the programs I forced myself to watch. I think deep down they know that President Trump is going to wipe the floor with whomever the Democrats nominate, but maybe they are the “true believers” who will happily walk the plank with the Democrats in November.

I think I need to watch myself a bit, as I got a perverse pleasure watching and listening to their tortured commentary. At any rate, we’ve never seen anything like the chaos that is the 2020 Democrat primary! A tiny bit more clarity will be gained after today’s primaries, and the reality of a Bernie nomination will create a lot more nightmares for the Democrats. And the MSNBC talking heads will probably come up with some other crackpot schemes.


The end.


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