A Truly Amazing On-Scene Report From One Texas Polling Place Today

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Today, of course, is Super Tuesday. Voters trekking to polling places in 14 states plus American Samoa today: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia.


One always wonders about voters in other states. Are they enthusiastic? Do they vote in primaries in numbers, or do just the activists vote? Are the voters “regular people”? Do they really care which Democrat is nominated for president this year?

One of my longtime pals provided me his personal observations while voting today in Grayson County, Texas. You will find at least one nugget in his commentary (in boldface) to be truly astounding:

I wanted to let my friends know that I voted in the Texas Primary Election.

I arrived at the location, the local school board’s meeting room, just after 7:00 AM. While driving in to vote on the way to the office, I heard WFAA News 820 talking about the Dallas County voting system being down and voters being turned away. Also, the radio talking heads mentioned receiving a call from a voter located in Parker County who said he witnessed a man wearing an “NRA” cap being asked to leave the voting location where he was.

As I drove up, a long line of cars were waiting for a place to park, and what seemed like a line of voters a block long were cheerfully conversing with each other. I dutifully found my place in line and waited along with everyone else.

Before I finally got my turn to vote and while still outside in line, an official appeared twice at the door announcing that if anyone wished to vote in the Democrat Party primary to come on in because there was no one in line.

Wow!!!!  What a moment of intense satisfaction that came over me when I heard that announcement. And, not one person in hearing near where I stood as the waiting line inched along made any negative comment about anything – either for the long line and wait time or about the political circus in general. Everyone seemed to be pretty cheerful.

I was pleased to see the mix of voters by ages and sex-at-birth types. A young mother carried her child, who looked to be about ten months old, through the line.  She never complained and refused to move to the head of the line when invited often to do so. These are the real Texans!

As a side note, I counted 12 Trump 2020 flags flying in front yards as I drove to the polls.

Historically, Grayson County has been the foundation of conservatism since we moved here in 1972. (No, it is not simply because we moved here that changed things since the county was Democrat back then, but conservative.)

I do not believe any elected officials in the county today are Democrat; they are either independent or Republican. Remember, this was the county in Texas that carried Ross Perot when he ran for president, so these folks are independent-minded conservatives.


Not one Democrat in line to vote in a highly contested primary at one polling place in Grayson County, Texas! If only this personal anecdote could be repeated at another 50,000 or so polling places today. Regardless, it would appear that Grayson County is Trump Territory. At the very least, the county could very well be a Republican sanctuary with very few meddlesome Democrats.

The end.


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