Obama Social Engineering Policies Continue to Wreck the Military

Many of us retired military officers viewed the US Marine Corps as the last bastion of commonsense against the destructive personnel policies and social engineering foisted on the US military for eight long years.


Apparently, that last bastion has been overwhelmed without a shot being fired if this announcement by the USMC Commandant is any indication:

Commandant Gen. David Berger … announce[d] what he sees as the most important issues to address in the Marine Corps.

A few of the issues mentioned … ― regarding banning those with sexual or domestic violence convictions from becoming Marines and including adoptive parents and same sex parents in Marine parental leave policy ― already are part of Marine Corps’ policy.

The first issue Berger addressed was in updating Marine Corps policy to “disqualify any applicant with a previous conviction for sex or gender-based violence, to include domestic violence.”

Two of the initiatives Berger announced Friday were related to increasing women in the Corps’ ranks and also increasing the number of company-grade female officers in Marine infantry.

[H]e said he wants to revise the Corps’ parental leave policy “to include parental leave for adoptive parents, to include same-sex couples.”

Then there is this Air Force Times article that indicates “achieving diversity” – whatever that means, which usually equates to mandated quotas – remains a major objective of the US Air Force.

Racking up flight hours before attending undergraduate pilot training is still an accurate predictor of whether students will excel, according to a study the University of Texas-San Antonio conducted as part of a partnership with the Air Education and Training Command.

The finding backs up a key component of the Pilot Candidate Selection Method that the Air Force uses when issuing pilot slots — despite the service’s understanding that reliance on previous flight hours could hinder diversity among candidates.

“This study was really valuable because we are looking hard right now at rated diversity and the PCSM really values flight hours, which can be difficult to obtain for potential candidates depending on their socio-economic background,” said Lt. Col. Steven Dillenburger, commander of AETC’s Studies and Analysis Squadron, in a news release. “We want to make sure we aren’t eliminating potential candidates based on (an inconsequential) piece of data.”


We previously covered one aspect of the continuing social engineering nonsense in the Navy in this article, which discussed an email from the COMNAVSURFPAC personnel officer to directed commands to review and remove “gender pronouns and other outdated gender assumptions” from all instructions and official issuances.

To complete the foursome, serious issues with social engineering and a lowering of standards at the US Military Academy were summarized in this article. Mandatory training was implemented for cadets covering inclusion, diversity, and gender norms.

What follows are some comments from some of my retired military friends about the above nonsense.

  • This is the natural sequence that had to follow placing women in combat units. Once we accept that sex, race, etc., cause unequal treatment and perception, without any basis other than bias, the only remedy is arbitrary quotas. Quotas are necessary to force a situation that will not happen organically. Then to make the unnatural, arbitrary quotas seem righteous, lies about performance outcomes must be promulgated and accepted by all. Coercive group think ensues to enforce the lie.
  • Regarding the USAF article, apparently skin color, gender, and sexual orientation soon will be much more important rating factors and qualifications than flight hours, experience, airmanship, composure under stress in combat situations, and technical proficiency. Reluctantly (it would appear), the USAF social scientists have said “not quite” for now, but the next Democrat in the White House is likely to make it so!
  • We have the best military gear in the world but are degrading our military manpower rapidly. We have to minimize the millennial malaise, not promote it. The Commandant said SMARTER Marines, not TOUGHER Marines and made no mention of training to team work or anything else related to military prowess and combat effectiveness. The Marines need to revamp Boot Camp to 1960’s, 1970’s standards.
  • This is all institutionalized insanity throughout the military! No Service appears to be immune to the ongoing destruction. The loony social justice experiments being implemented in all the Services are going to lose the next war. There is no evidence whatsoever that “diversity” is a prime contributing factor to military readiness, military efficiency, mission accomplishment, or successful performance in combat. To the contrary, social engineering has degraded military readiness and combat effectiveness.

I couldn’t agree more. Social engineering degrades mission effectiveness, unit cohesion, and combat readiness. The consensus is that a continuation of these social engineering policies and the concomitant lowering of standards will result in an unnecessary and preventable heavy loss of life in the next major conflict.

The end.


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