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Polls are one indicator of voter enthusiasm, but the only poll that really counts is Election Day, as most media polls are push-polls intended to influence public opinion rather than accurately reflect it. I mean, do you really believe polls that show President Trump losing to a generic Democrat or any of the Democrat presidential candidates? Absurd.


Perhaps the best way to understand where voters’ heads are is through donations, as parting with one’s hard-earned money is a pure indication of one’s enthusiasm. The Republican Party and President Trump, in particular, are really pulling in the cash lately. Here’s a report on the January haul:

With a fundraising haul that set a January record, Republicans have a lot of moneyNew figures show the Republican National Committee raised $27.2 million last month, bringing its total this presidential cycle to $268.3 million, easily outdistancing Democrats’ $103.1 million.

For comparison on the GOP side, the last time a Republican president was an incumbent at this stage of the campaign, the RNC raised $107 million in 2004.

The RNC has burned through some money but has a reserve of $76 million. What’s more, the party doesn’t have a dollar of debt. Meanwhile, President Trump has been raising his own campaign cash since declaring his 2020 intentions the day he took office. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, he has brought in $211 million since then.

As President Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Pascale, mentioned to Dana Perino in an interview on 13 February: “There’s a 96.6% chance that if you show up for a rally, you’re going to show up and vote. Even more so if you donate $1 – it’s 98.4% chance of voting. Once you’re engaged, once you connect with us, and we have your data, we can talk to you, then the odds skyrocket up to vote.”


Parscale and his troops have been diligently collecting voter information at all of President Trump’s rallies, and given his above statement about their probability of voting, the Democrats have to be shaking in their boots. Check out the numbers from the Las Vegas rally on Friday:

Here are the numbers from the Colorado rally on Friday:

And here are the numbers from the Arizona rally last Wednesday:


Those are a lot of folks who didn’t vote in 2016 and/or are Democrats! There is no way that any of the Democrat candidates can stir up equal enthusiasm.

Massive rallies everywhere he goes. Overwhelming enthusiasm of attendees through the roof (and also of those who tried to get in but couldn’t). And people are speaking with their pocketbooks. All great signs at this point in time that portend well for November.

Keep America Great!

The end.


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