Senate RINOs Undermine Border Security by Supporting the “Farm Workforce Modernization Act”

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President Trump continues to make progress in building the Border Wall, as additional DoD funding is being diverted to its construction:

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Tuesday that the Pentagon will back the Trump administration’s plan to take another $7.2 billion from the military’s budget to pay for the border wall.

“The first priority of the [Defense Department] is the protection of the homeland,” Esper said. “The southwestern border is a security issue.”


And of course, the Democrats have been up-in-arms about that, as they support open borders and the concomitant crime, cultural rot, and strain on US taxpayers that will ensue. Democrats could care less about the safety and security of their own constituents. Here are excerpts from a Democrat “letter of concern” to Defense Secretary Mike Esper:

“We write to express our continued and deepening concern regarding reports that the administration is once more planning to divert billions of dollars of military funds to the construction of additional fencing and other barriers on the southwest border,” the 31 Democrats wrote to Esper in a letter obtained by The Hill ahead of its public release.

“There is clearly no requirement for the use of military resources to construct a border wall,” they added in the five-page letter.

The letter was organized by House Armed Services Committee members Reps. Anthony Brown (D-Md.), Gil Cisneros (D-Calif.), Veronica Escobar (D-Texas) and Mikie Sherrill (D-N.J.).

These Democrats should be run out of town on a rail by their own constituents, as open borders facilitate illegal drug and human trafficking at the direct expense of the safety and security – and wallets – of US taxpayers.

But we find that a group of RINOs are also undermining border security by pushing two senseless bills at their own political peril, as was discussed by Lou Dobbs on his show during a Q&A with Brandon Judd, President of the US Border Patrol Council. Here are some excerpts:


Dobbs: … A group of RINO senators (Mike Lee-UT,) [are] still trying to push through a bill that would give amnesty to about 2 million illegal immigrants. They’re clever. The Republicans are geniuses. Led by Mike Lee (R-UT), there is this little beauty called the “Farm Workforce Modernization Act,” also known as HR 5038. It’s backed by Thom Tillis (R-NC), James Lankford (R-OK), and Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and with the usual RINO suspects, the bill passed the House last year with the support of 34 Republicans. This legislation would give illegal immigrants who worked on farms for at least 180 days in the past two years a green card. As long as they and their families stay in the agriculture industry, they and their families can reapply for a green card every five years. Workers with at least eight years of experience before the bill becomes law have a direct pathway to citizenship. The bill would give citizenship to up to 2.1 million illegal immigrants – we know the number would be vastly higher – but that’s what we’re working with here, and only 600,000 fewer than the agricultural workers who became citizens under Ronald Reagan’s amnesty bill back in 1986.

(introduces Brandon Judd, President of the US Border Patrol Council, to discuss this topic) Can you imagine how dumb these senators are – and these representatives – to hold up a magnet right now in an election year to illegal immigrants throughout the hemisphere saying, “C’mon, we’re open for business”?

Judd: Yeah, it’s absolutely insane, especially when you read the article by Conservative Review that talks about this. We are still in a border security crisis. President Trump last week specifically said we’re still in a border security crisis. He’s going to continue that until we get it all completely under control, and then to talk about amnesty – that is one of the main magnets that draws people across our border illegally. We want the number of illegal border-crossers to go down so that we can focus on the dangerous narcotics that are coming into our country [and human trafficking]. But when you have bills like this, and you have the support of Republicans, all you’re doing is asking more people to violate our laws, and then we can’t focus on what we need to focus on.

Dobbs: If that’s all we were doing, I might even be able to accept that. But let me show what else [they] are asking for. And I really mean the geniuses in the Republican Conference in the US Senate and the Congress of the United States, and this White House – if they have any part in these two bills. Then shame on them because what they’re doing is serving this president up for a divided base come November. I want to show everybody … the very famous McCain-Kennedy Bill of 2006 … how the geniuses in the Republican Party led by George W Bush … “they [illegals] just absolutely would do jobs that Americans wouldn’t do,” and all that nonsense that Bush peddled. Here’s what happened to the Republican Party: that year, they lost 30 House seats (they lost control of the House) and 6 Senate seats (they lost control of the Senate). … Now, what genius in the White House, what genius in the Senate, what genius in the House thinks that this is brilliant damn idea for President Trump and the Republican Party?

Judd: It’s not a brilliant idea; it’s a broken idea. President Trump won the presidency in large part because of his immigration stance; he opposes illegal immigration. And to pass an amnesty bill at this particular time. … I opposed that in 2006 tooth and nail. My organization [National Border Patrol Council] opposed it tooth and nail. The [National] ICE Council and Chris Crane opposed that tooth and nail. … You’re right. When it gutted the Republican Party, you have to ask yourself why would they be doing it at this time again when we know that these elections are going to be very, very contentious. …

Dobbs: I think a guy like Thom Tillis is probably committing political suicide. He’s gotta be smarter than that. If he thinks a greater payoff from the Western Growers Association or the Business Roundtable is the same thing as getting more votes, he’s probably going to find a very rough go of it. This will divide the base like almost nothing that the President could possibly do. … And Mike Lee [pushing] SB 386 H-1B visas. [SB 386 would stop employment-based immigration from any countries other than India or China.] There’s an old saying: you can’t fix stupid. This is just stupid beyond belief, don’t you think?

Judd: I am for legal immigration, but when you double the numbers [of H-1B visas] in this Senate bill, especially in the time of a [border] crisis, it just doesn’t make sense. Again, why are we doing it at a time when we continue to have to fight … for every single foot of wall [that we get]?

Dobbs: … Sixty percent of Mexico is under [control of] the[ drug] cartels … 20% of the country is under the influence [of the drug cartels] and contesting control. Startling numbers. What are we going to do?

Judd: I’m going to go back to … Jerry Nadler (D-NY) asking why the Border Patrol is sending their tactical units in to help ICE. This is one of the reasons why they’re doing it [to fight the cartels]. We wouldn’t have to be doing this if we could get the support of Congress. If Congress would actually fund ICE the way ICE is supposed to be funded, we wouldn’t have to use the Border Patrol resources.


End of Q&A. To summarize:

  • HR 5038 amounts to another amnesty bill, and the same RINO suspects are pushing it, including Lindsey Grahamnesty, who championed that last push in 2006.
  • SB 386 (H-1B visas) will bring in foreigners to compete directly with qualified US citizens for high-paying jobs
  • The monied interests behind those two bills include Western Growers Association, the Business Roundtable, and the US Chamber of Commerce
  • The last time Republicans pushed these kinds of bills[2006], they lost the House and the Senate; pushing this legislation, especially in an election year, is political suicide for the Republican Party (are the RINOs still trying to help Democrats get rid of the President?)
  • USBP tactical units are augmenting ICE in order to deal with drug cartels in US sanctuary cities, and Democrats are fighting that, too

The end.


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