The Counterattack Is Underway

Attorney General William Barr appears before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee to make his Justice Department budget request, Wednesday, April 10, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Trump supporters have been impatiently waiting for some real push-back on the Democrats and their Deep State and legacy media allies for over three years now. Some well-earned Trumpenfreude is long overdue for those involved in the various illegal investigations (e.g., Crossfire Hurricane), abuses of the FISA process, the impeachment farce, and frivolous investigations into President Trump and his family (e.g., the emoluments clause lawsuit).


With his lifetime acquittal by the US Senate of the hyper-partisan impeachment charges brought by the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, President Trump is now counterattacking on multiple fronts. Let’s review the good news:

  • AG Barr announces a new policy that there will not be investigations of 2020 presidential candidates, their campaigns, or advisers without his approval (Loretta Lynch’s policy was apparently to look the other way to facilitate investigations):

  • The Vindman twins were summarily dismissed from the National Security Council and walked out to the cheers of many:


  • In another tweet, POTUS brings up Tony Podesta (I wonder why now if not to signal something happening on the legal front)

  • Devin Nunes suggests that the Mueller prosecutors are going to face some serious problems as their involvement in perpetuating the Russian hoax through bogus investigations is exposed
  • John Durham’s criminal investigation continues apace; sources say a mountain of evidence has been uncovered “beyond expectations”
  • Clinton Foundation-related prosecutions are also reportedly in the queue

All of these are aimed at rooting out the corruption and sedition about which we have been glimpsing through various investigative reports over the past several years, and it’s clear that a ramp-up of actions is underway. There are bound to be more DoJ announcements in the queue, too: prostitution rings, pedophilia, public corruption, and other topics come to mind. It sure seems like a counterattack to me! More Trumpenfreude is on the way…


The end.



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